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Longtime Car and Driver editor Eddie Alterman thinks all cars are great, even the awful ones. But some cars, he says, transcend their "car-ness” and have a story to tell. On Car Show!, Alterman tells those stories. Stories of the vital cars — the ones that have changed how we drive and live, whose significance lies outside the scope of horsepower or miles per gallon. Because some cars are more than just a pile of metal, glass, and rubber. Some cars are rolling anthropology. Launches May 18, with new episodes on Wednesdays.

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Transformations in AI: Why Foundation Models are the Future

39m · Published 19 Sep 10:30

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The Final Round with Malcolm Gladwell and Alonzo Bodden

39m · Published 22 Dec 11:00

In our Car of the Year finale, the finalists from rounds 1-4 now go head to head! Eddie, Malcolm, and Alonzo Bodden talk through the finalists, explain why they deserve a place in history, and decide the Car Show Car of the Year once and for all. 

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Round Four: SUVs with Ezra Dyer

36m · Published 21 Dec 11:00

In our penultimate round, the contenders are the Ford Bronco Raptor, Genesis GV70, Honda CR-V, and the Land Rover Range Rover. Car and Driver Senior Editor Ezra Dyer and Eddie go round for round with the middleweight class and crown a winner. Eddie then takes us on a very luxurious drive. 

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Round Three: EVs with John Voelcker

47m · Published 14 Dec 10:30

In this episode, Eddie and Green Car Reports’ John Voelcker evaluate four industry-leading EVs: the Ford F-150 Lightning, BMW i4 M50, Hyundai Ioniq5, and the Cadillac Lyriq. Then we take the winner out for an electric-powered spin.

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Round Two: Sports Sedans with Elana Scherr

40m · Published 07 Dec 13:35

Eddie is joined by hot rodder, muscle car enthusiast, and Car and Driver Senior Editor Elana Scherr to weigh in this week’s contestants: the Audi RS3, Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, Hyundai Elantra N, and the Honda Civic Type R. Then Eddie takes the winner out for a drive in Southern California.

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Round One: Sports Cars with Matt Farah

50m · Published 30 Nov 11:00

In round one of our tournament to determine the car of the year, Eddie is joined by Matt Farah to debate the various merits of the Corvette Z06, Nissan Z, Toyota Corolla GR, and Porsche 718. What does the future hold for this coveted but shrinking segment? Plus, Matt tells us about the saga of ordering his frozen-berry metallic Boxster, and why it might be better than a 911. Eddie then takes us for a spin in the winner.

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Car Show Season Two: The Tournament

2m · Published 28 Nov 11:00

Car Show will return on November 30 with a 5-episode tournament to determine Eddie’s highly subjective pick for best car of the year. We’re not just talking about performance and spec sheets though – these cars will become future classics, the ones historians and anthropologists will wax on about. Featuring guest judges Matt Farah, Elana Scherr, John Voelcker, Ezra Dyer, Malcolm Gladwell and more. May the best car win!

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Family Car Shopping with Malcolm Gladwell

45m · Published 13 Jul 09:30

Eddie helps new father Malcolm Gladwell shop for a family car. They put a souped-up crossover, a Swedish luxury wagon, and... a minivan to the test to help him find the perfect balance of comfort, style, and safety.

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The Chrysler Minivan and the New American Parent

34m · Published 06 Jul 10:30

Envisioned as the antidote to the dowdy station wagon, the minivan became more stigmatized still, as it gave power and locomotion to a new entity: the helicopter parent. In a two-part series, Eddie examines the evolution of the family hauler, and asks the question: How did we go from kids unbelted in the rear-facing seat of a station wagon to strapped in and facing forward in a minivan, all within the scope of a few years?

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The Bugatti Veyron: the Quest to Outrun Gravity

34m · Published 29 Jun 10:00

The Veyron is what happens when unlimited money and colossal ego meet the hardest automotive-engineering questions ever raised. It was built to be the fastest production car in the universe and also the most expensive. This is the story of what it takes to create something the world couldn’t imagine. 

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