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Each weekday, Big Take brings you a story - one big, important story. We talk to Bloomberg journalists around the world, experts and the people at the center of the news to help you understand what's happening, what it means and why it matters. Money, politics, the economy and business, energy, the environment, technology - we cover it all.

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‘Bluey’: A Blue Heeler Worth $2 Billion With an Uncertain Future

16m · Published 12 Apr 21:40

Bluey, the Australian animated TV show about a family of Blue Heeler dogs, is worth $2 billion. But isBlueyworth that without the show’s auteur Joe Brumm in the picture? The release of a special extended episode coming this weekend is sparking rumors about the smash-hit sensation.

On today’s Big Take podcast, Bloomberg’s Devin Leonard and Reyhan Harmanci join host David Gura to talk about the beloved program, the secret to its broad appeal, and the challenge of managingBluey’s commercial success. Featuring some of our youngest listeners.

Further reading: HowBlueyBecame a $2 Billion Smash Hit—With an Uncertain Future

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The Cost of Keeping US Steel US-Owned

16m · Published 11 Apr 20:00

A Japanese company’s bid to buy US Steel has sparked a fight with the United Steelworkers union — and put the company at the center of the 2024 presidential contest.

Today on the Big Take, Bloomberg reporters Joe Deaux and Josh Wingrove join host David Gura to trace why the deal came to a halt, how the company fits into Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s brands of political nostalgia, and why the fate of this deal could have an outsized impact on the election.

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Why Pricey Private Colleges Don’t Always Pay Off

16m · Published 10 Apr 21:56

It’s college acceptance season and many students are facing a decision: prestigious private universities versus cheaper public options. But if they’re looking at college as an investment in their future, there are some metrics worth considering.

Today on the Big Take podcast, personal finance reporters Paulina Cachero and Francesca Maglione join host Sarah Holder to dig into data on the return on investment at colleges and universities in the US. And given the ballooning price of higher education, they found that, based on financial ROI, prestige doesn’t always pay off.

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How India Could Overtake China As the Fastest Growing Economy

17m · Published 10 Apr 00:34

India is posting some of the most robust economic growth rates right now in the world. And with China slowing, India could become the new engine of global economic growth.

But it will take strategic investments, increased labor participation and more for India to achieve its economic ambitions. Today on the show, Bloomberg’s New Delhi-based economics and politics reporter Dan Strumpf joins host Sarah Holder to discuss India’s roadmap, and what its success could mean for the rest of the world.

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On the Ground With Yellen in China

12m · Published 08 Apr 22:27

The US-China relationship saw several years of instability — including a trade war, China’s Covid-Zero policy and the discovery of a Chinese spy balloon above the United States.

And now, with both sides keen to resume cooperation, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is wrapping up a trip to China with strong words about the country’s manufacturing strategy and its alleged support of Russia’s war effort.

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Argentina’s President Who Promised Radical Change Confronts Reality

15m · Published 06 Apr 01:10

Argentina’s president Javier Milei has made waves since taking office in December. From his plans to abolish his country’s central bank and replace its peso with the dollar, to his efforts to reverse previous administrations’ moves to build closer ties with China, Milei is charting a perilous – and untested – new course for a country long-rankled by inflation and economic instability.

Today on the Big Take podcast, Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait sits down with host David Gura to discuss his exclusive interview with the Argentine leader.

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Filing Your Taxes Could Get Easier (If This Program Works)

16m · Published 04 Apr 20:00

After years of letting the private tax e-filing industry run the show, the IRS is finally piloting an online tool that’s supposed to make tax season easier – and free – for thousands of taxpayers in a dozen states.

On this episode of The Big Take podcast, we explore how the idea got off the ground, who can use it, and whether the program could ever compete with the powerful private tax-filing industry.

Corrects date the Free File Alliance was launched in podcast published April 4.

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Why Hertz’s Big Bet on Teslas Didn’t Work

19m · Published 03 Apr 22:30

When Wall Street investors Tom Wagner and Greg O’Hara took over Hertz, they had ambitious plans. They aimed to revolutionize the car rental business by bringing a record number of electric vehicles into Hertz’s fleet, including 100,000 Teslas. And when Hertz’s IPO launched in 2021, it seemed Wagner and O’Hara had just made a visionary deal.

EVs were hot when Hertz started buying them. But as Bloomberg reporters Erik Schatzker and David Welch tell host Sarah Holder, the company would soon discover that making them work in the rental market was another challenge entirely.

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Traders Ready for Market Turbulence As S&P Hits Highs

11m · Published 02 Apr 21:11

With the stock market hitting record highs, many are wondering if it will continue to soar or come crashing down. One way to tell what’s on the mind of investors is to look at the options market. Bloomberg’s Carly Wanna tells host David Gura that average daily call volume on the VIX, often called the “fear gauge,” was up in the first quarter.

So, should we be worried that traders are preparing for the possibility of a big downturn? Today on the show, what's driving markets to all-time highs, and what the VIX tells us about what investors think will come next.

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Big Banks are “Quiet Quitting” Their Climate Promises

13m · Published 01 Apr 20:09

Big banks made big promises to help fight climate change. But as the world warms, those institutions are quietly cooling on their plans.

On today’s Big Take podcast, Bloomberg reporter Alastair Marsh joins host Sarah Holder to break down why banks are rethinking their commitments, and what that could mean for the climate crisis.

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