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2h 54m · Brandon Tierney & Sal Licata · 12 Feb 21:00

A Super Bore was the Super Bowl, until it got Super Confusing. Did Kelce go too far with Andy Reid, Kyle Shanahan's big boo boo in OT, Jets get new jersey's and the Giants need a QB.

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And just like that the Knicks expectations have burst

Hour 1- Knicks can't seem to buy a win since injuries have hit. Is this what we can expect when playoffs come around?

Who has the best diss tracks?

Hour 2- It's not the Knicks or the Yankees that's for sure.

Knicks are doomed

Hour 3- How have things gotten so bad for the New York Knicks? Clearly injuries are an issue, but that doesn't help solve the fact that Knicks can't win games anymore.

Surgery is on the table for Randle

Hour 4- Knicks are now 2-8 since the trade deadline. Part of the issue is that Julius Randle is injured and now news is he may need surgery which makes things that much worse.

Call of the day

Sal had a very interesting first date years ago.