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Turn It On - The Level 42 Fan Podcast

by Bob Considine, Mikey Payne, Winston Walker

A fan discussion on the UK band Level 42.

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Episode 4: Level 42’s Mike Lindup!

2h 18m · Published 12 Feb 11:43
A special honor for the podcast as Level 42 founder/keyboardist/vocalist Mike Lindup joins for an extended conversation on Changes 2, his recent live solo show, Level 42 history and a special Geek Out session where the boys get to ask the obscure questions they've always wanted to know. And no, the answers were not on a postcard.

Episode 3: A Discussion on Changes 2

1h 10m · Published 26 Jan 14:20
Mike Lindup's long-awaited and highly anticipated Changes 2 was released in 2023 and Bob, Mikey and Winston talk about why it was worth the wait with a deep dive into the tracks, lyrics, messages and players on this new classic album. Plus, a discussion on the new(ish) Live at Switzerland audio and video concert from Level 42.

Episode 2: Julian Hall

49m · Published 26 Jan 14:19
Winston, Mikey and Bob start off talking about the Level 42 song that infiltrated their senses this week, and then enter a deep dive discussion with Julian Hall, the ultimate OG fan who has attended 70+ Level 42 gigs in five different countries, including the band's very earliest gigs!

Episode 1 – The Turn It On Premiere – The Chat Has Begun!

1h 9m · Published 26 Jan 14:18
Mikey, Winston and Bob introduce the very first Level 42 fan podcast, with discussions on the unique ways each co-host found the band, their first gigs, their current favorite songs. their most memorable interactions with the band and much more!

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