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Klein/Ally Show: The Podcast

by Audacy

Klein: This east coast transplant, has built and hosted successful morning radio shows on both coasts. He’s also written jokes for Comedy Central Roasts and Howard Stern. His biggest claim to fame, however, was when he was born eight minutes after midnight on January 1st and named ‘Baby New Year.’

Ally: Sketch comedian, voice-over artist, and comedy writer. Ally has co-hosted radio shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles and had her voice featured in numerous commercials, cartoons, and video games. 

DJ OMAR KAHN: Audio specialist and “self-made millionaire.” Omar spent years as part of the Hall of Fame Kevin & Bean Show.

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FULL SHOW 5-21!!!

1h 52m · Published 21 May 17:12

In today's show Ally doesn't shower, her fish tries to commit suicide, we check in with Jake's sexperiments, unload the goatline, do a round of clickbait, see if we can beat AI, get an old people's secret and a complaint on the real office line

9am- Old People's Secrets, a Complaint and MORE

19m · Published 21 May 17:09

Enjoy the 9am hour

8am- Man vs Machine, Best/Worst of Summer and MORE

32m · Published 21 May 16:53

Enjoy the 8am hour

7am- Ally's Fish, Clickbait and MORE

28m · Published 21 May 16:53

Enjoy the 7am hour

6am- Ally's Shower, Jake Sexperiments and MORE

31m · Published 21 May 16:48

Enjoy the 6am hour

CLIP- Man Vs Machine

9m · Published 21 May 16:47

We see if the team can come up with better answer than the AI robots

CLIP- Pack Your Patience

5m · Published 21 May 16:46

We see if the newscasters tell us the phrase that pays

CLIP- Ally's Fish

7m · Published 21 May 16:46

Ally's fish tries to commit suicide

The Lost SHOVERTIME of 5-15!

28m · Published 21 May 12:59

We had some technical issues. Actually we still do. This is as good as Justin the Engineer could make it. And since we've gotten numerous requests for it, here ya go. Enjoy this train wreck and Vegas wrap up

FULL SHOW 5-20!!!

1h 56m · Published 20 May 17:18

In today's show Klein's daughter gets her ears pierced, Ally's neighbor asks for a favor, we see who the biggest dick at a BBQ is, see if a lady knows anything about Pearl Jam, a meal is going away, get your Eddie Vedder impressions, talk to the slackline daredevil and see where engineer Justin went on a first date

Klein/Ally Show: The Podcast has 537 episodes in total of non- explicit content. Total playtime is 432:40:31. The language of the podcast is English. This podcast has been added on May 12th 2024. It might contain more episodes than the ones shown here. It was last updated on May 22nd, 2024 17:40.

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