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INFAMOUS: Aarushi Talwar & Hemraj Banjade Crime Junkie 29 Jan 08:00
When Aarushi Talwar is found brutally murdered in her bedroom, it sets off one of the strangest and most controversial murder cases in India's history. Check out Avirook Sen’s book, Aarushis: Beyond Reasonable Doubt, here.
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Merrick Garland's Had A Lot On His Plate The NPR Politics Podcast 07 Dec 20:35
The Department of Justice this week announced war crimes charges against four Russian soldiers for alleged torture of an American citizen in Ukraine, and the arrest of a former U.S. ambassador on charges of working for Cuban intelligence services. Both of these come after last week's arrest of a man allegedly plotting to kill an American citizen at the behest of a government official...
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Antony Blinken in Israel, George Santos Expulsion Vote, US-India Tensions Up First 30 Nov 12:11
Israel and Hamas agree to extend a temporary truce by another day. House weighs whether to expel first-term Republican Congressman George Santos. Department of Justice indicts an Indian intelligence officer for allegedly ordering the assassination of a Sikh separatist in New York.
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An Unexpected Battle Over Banning Caste Discrimination The Daily 25 Sep 09:45

California is poised to become the first state to outlaw discrimination based on a person’s caste. The system of social stratification, which dates back thousands of years, has been outlawed in India and Nepal for decades.

Amy Qin, a correspondent who covers Asian American communities for The Times, explains why so many believe a prejudice that originated on the other side of the globe...

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Canada Confronts India Over Alleged Assassination The Daily 21 Sep 09:45

Warning: This episode contains descriptions of violence.

The relationship between two democratic allies fell to its lowest point in history this week, after Canada accused India of assassinating a Sikh community leader in British Columbia in June.

Mujib Mashal, The Times’s South Asia bureau chief, explains this stunning accusation — and what India’s reaction to it tells us about the era of its leader,...

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Here’s What's REALLY Happening (Ep 2092) The Dan Bongino Show 20 Sep 14:20
In this episode, I discuss what's really happening with the border, the charge against Ray Epps and the media's suddenly renewed interest in COVID and the NIPAH virus. News Picks: BREAKING: Ray Epps Hit With Single Charge for Jan 6 Role. Lawmakers Give Senate Dress Code a Dressing Down India on Alert to Contain Outbreak of Deadly Nipah Virus Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights...
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Biden At UNGA, US-Iran Prisoner Swap, Canada Assassination Up First 19 Sep 10:25
Five prisoners are on their way back to the US after a prisoner swap with Iran. Canada blames the Indian government for the assassination of a Sikh leader. President Biden speaks at the United Nations General Assembly.
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Blinken Visits Kyiv, Biden Heads to Asia, Proud Boys Leader Sentenced Up First 06 Sep 10:19
Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected in Kyiv to show American support for Ukraine's war effort. President Joe Biden will travel to India and Vietnam as he tries to reduce China's influence in the developing world. Enrique Tarrio was sentenced to 22 years in jail.
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A New Race to the Moon The Daily 28 Aug 09:45

Last week, India landed its spacecraft Chandrayaan-3 on the moon, becoming the first country to land such a craft near the south pole, where scientists believe vital reserves of water could be found frozen. The landing also revealed just how much the international space race has changed.

Kenneth Chang, a science reporter for The Times, explains why a new set of players are dominating...

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The Sunday Story: Love Commandos Up First 13 Aug 12:00
In India, intercaste marriage is very rare and marrying for love is not widely accepted. Among those who defy tradition, a small number face threats of violence from their own families. Enter the Love Commandos, a group tasked with protecting these couples under threat. But how do they do it? And why are they controversial? Today on The Sunday Story, Ayesha sits down with...
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