About this site

EveryPodcast was founded in 2022 as a hobby and side-project by me, Freddy Ewald. I started this website because I am a long-time podcast listener and enthusiast. I believe that the simplicity of this medium and the fact that everybody can publish their own podcast are the biggest advantages. At the same time, I have seen large companies build catalogs within their own ecosystem which is only available if you're a paying user or subscriber.

This goal of this site is to change this. I aim to provide a complete catalog of podcasts that is available to everyone, without registration and without subscription.

For developers

As a developer, I often want access to as much information as possible when interacting with a website. Scraping websites is error-prone and writing the scrapers is time consuming. For this reason, Every Podcast makes (almost) all the data available to everyone via an easy to use JSON API.

The following endpoints are currently available:

I am integrating more data from different sources to get the most accurate and up-to-date information. If you have specific needs for anything that is not already provided via API, don't hesitate to contact me.

For podcasters

There are many websites out there to publish your podcast. Depending if you're just getting started or if you are a professional with many years of experience publishing your own podcast is easier or harder. Even if you choose a platform which takes care of the task of creating a feed and hosting it, it's a good idea to validate whether your feed conforms to the official standard.