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What up Art World! Are you an artist? Do you like art? Are you new and interested in learning about art without any judgement? Do you have a friend or significant other that likes art and you just need help getting into it? Well then this is the podcast for you! Sit down and listen to Miss Art World and guests as they navigate this world. They discuss popular trends, interview artists, critique local and national pieces.

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Ep. 107 A lot about nothing

25m · Published 20 Sep 20:11
Welcome! Today we chat about the US Judge Rules AI-Generated Art Not Protected by Copyright Law among other random things

Ep 106. Art News

32m · Published 06 Sep 04:46
Get your art news here!!

Ep. 105 Art News Harry Styles Portrait by David Hockney

23m · Published 15 Aug 04:18
Art News! Get your Art News! Artist David Hockney paints Harry Styles' portrait. Thoughts?

Ep. 104 The Artist & The Muse

26m · Published 07 Jul 04:36
Rachel Bailit and Ron Schmidtling share a common philosophy: Life should inspire art and art should inspire life! Rachel is an actress & model, and Ron is a visual artist. A creative match, they began a collaboration that has lasted over ten years. Rachel and Ron met in a drawing group at The Getty Museum in 2011. Both actively involved in the LA underground and commercial art scene, they began to collaborate, meeting in galleries, museums, art schools, and unconventional art spaces. Inspired by friendship and a shared love for movie characters, nature, and the diversity and richness of LA, their works represents artistic freedom, imagination, and limitless possibilities. Rachel and Ron also examine the sacred relationship between artist and model, which requires commitment, trust, and a shared vision. It also explores body image within a Hollywood backdrop where voluptuous bodies are often objectified and stereotyped. The exhibit is a multi-media experience, including paintings, drawings, photography, video, and costumes. July 8 - July 11, 2023 Opening and Reception: Saturday, July 8th, 6-10pm Artist talk back with blue-chip director Billy Gross, live music and reception: Sunday, July 9th 3pm https://santamonica.bgartdealings.com/show/bg-gallery-the-artist-and-the-muse

Ep. 103 Art History with Ashley Patton

53m · Published 25 Mar 04:02
Ashley M. Patton is a PhD candidate in the department of Art History and holds a minor in Early Modern Studies. Her research interests include early modern Italian sculpture, gender, religion, and materiality. Her dissertation project, titled "Tangible Women: Marble Sculptures of Female Saints in Seventeenth-Century Rome," explores the construction of early modern gender in post-Tridentine Rome by examining how sculptors employed different typologies of white marble sculpture in sacred spaces to present archetypal, yet largely inimitable models of the early modern, ideal Christian woman. She is also interested in the global impact of early modern Catholicism, including the trans-Atlantic relationships between Italy and the Americas in the seventeenth century. Ashley is currently the Joseph F. McCrindle Foundation Curatorial Intern in the department of Sculpture and Decorative Arts at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Prior to her doctoral studies, she worked at the J. Paul Getty Museum as a Graduate Intern and the Getty Research Institute as a Research Assistant. She has also contributed to multiple museum exhibitions, including “Turkish Rugs on Tudor Walls: 16th Century Trade between England and the Islamic World” at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and “Albrecht Dürer: Master of the Black Line” at the Huntington Library.

Ep. 102 Heather Sincavage

47m · Published 16 Feb 17:44
Co-hosts Katherine & Samuel chat with Heather Sincavage an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is rooted in performance art but also includes drawing, sculpture, and installation. She uses her own experiences with intimate partner violence as a case study analyzing what it is to live with trauma. https://www.heathersincavage.com @hsincavage Her work has appeared in the Tate Modern in London and LiteHaus Galerie in Berlin amongst other locations across Europe. She has performed at the Queens Museum and Grace Exhibition Space in NYC; Tempting Failure Festival of Performance Art & Noise in London, Alive at Satellite during Miami Art Basel; Latvian Center for Performance Art in Riga; and galleries across the United States. Additionally, her work has been projected on the historic Daniels and Fisher historic bell tower in downtown Denver, Co. She has exhibited in over 40 solo and group exhibitions across the United States and in Germany, Sweden, Spain, Finland, and Iceland. Originally from Southeastern Pennsylvania, she received her BFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and her MFA from School of Art, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. She is an alumna of The Vermont Studio Center as well as numerous other residencies and fellowships in the United States and throughout Europe. Her work has been published in Surface Design Journal and the 2022 publication “An Introduction to the Phenomenology of Performance Art: SELF/S” by Dr. T.J. Bacon for the University fo Chicago Press. In 2018, Heather received the Tanne Foundation Award, a peer-nominated honor for scholarship excellence and emergent contributions to the performance art field. She currently is an Associate Professor of Art and the Director of the Sordoni Art Gallery at Wilkes University.

Ep. 101 Disney, Streaming, & more with artist John Bourn II

59m · Published 30 Jan 21:43
Hi Art World!! Meet artist John Bourn II who is a digital artist and illustrator specializing in representational painting, portraits and concept art. I thrive off of creating characters and worlds of my own l, I'm always excited to lend my vision to a new project. https://johnbourn2.artstation.com/ https://crypto.com/nft/profile/jbourn2create?tab=created https://www.instagram.com/johnbournii/ https://www.instagram.com/merlins_paintbrush/

Ep. 100 Miami Basel

43m · Published 11 Jan 03:55
We are back!! Chat with us about all things Miami Basel. What was hot and what was not? What sold and what was everyone talking about?

Ep. 99 Stolen Art News

34m · Published 07 Oct 23:42
Recap of art news!!

Ep.98 The Year Time Stopped

33m · Published 21 Jun 12:00
The Year Time Stopped The Global Pandemic in Photos By Christina Hawatmeh, Nour Chamoun Curated by the founders of Scopio, a community-based image marketplace, a stunning and unforgettable visual history that captures the world’s response to major events that defined 2020: the COVID pandemic and the sweeping movements for racial and social justice. In 2020, the world experienced massive change. Millions of lives were ended—and millions more upended—by the Covid-19 pandemic. The shocking police killings of Black men and women gave rise to powerful social movements and widespread collective action to rectify centuries of injustice and racism in the United States and globally. Together, these three colossal events tested the resilience of the social fabric bringing us all together. Attempting to illuminate and make sense of this new reality, photographers from around the world documented these transformational moments as they unfolded. Carefully combing through their archive, the founders of Scopio have curated these photographs to tell the story of the year 2020. It began with a collective sense of isolation and fear to eventually people coming together and protesting the social injustices that were uncovered later that year. Representing artists from around the globe, The Year Time Stopped seeks to empower us and give credence to the extraordinary circumstances that changed our world. The 200 images in this striking visual collection are indelible, impassioned, and unforgettable. Taken together, they are a singular testament to this unprecedented time. Buy the book here: https://www.harpercollins.com/products/the-year-time-stopped-christina-hawatmehnour-chamoun?variant=39396523442210 https://www.amazon.com/Year-Time-Stopped-Global-Pandemic/dp/0063159511 https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-year-time-stopped-christina-hawatmeh/1139799031

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