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FinTech On The Block

by FinTech On The Block

Welcome to FinTechOnTheBlock, here we will talk about technology and Finance news.

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Apple's Next 5 years of Products have been leaked

1m · Published 15 Nov 09:32

Augmented Reality has been touted as the next big technology platform, and Apple plans to be at the forefront, with a Virtual Reality headset to release in 2022 and AR glasses to follow in 2023.

WeWork's Valuation plummets to $8 billion from $47 billion

2m · Published 03 Nov 17:59

After a failed IPO attempt WeWork was set to run out of money by the end of the year. They were looking for new ways to secure additional funding and decided to take on new financing from existing shareholder Softbank. The new deal values WeWOrk at $8 billion down from a previous valuation of $47 billion.

Morning Business Update: Libra Foundation, Netflix’s Earnings announcement, and Apple Cards success

2m · Published 17 Oct 00:18
Welcome to FinTech on the Blocks morning business update. I will cover 3 topics around business to start off the day. The topics will be Uber and Spotify joining the Libra Foundation, Netflix will announce their last earnings report today before Disney+ and Apple TV+ goes life, and Goldman Sachs announces the Apple Cards successful launch 💯

Instagram adds Story Lyrics to continue growing users

2m · Published 10 Jun 07:42
We talk about Instagrams new features and how it’s trying to compete with Tik Tok

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