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Your Market Flow

by Courtney Engle & Dave Saunders

Weekly reviews of breaking news and why it matters to your business

Copyright: (c) 2010


Episode 3: Greatful for Skype

51m · Published 02 Mar 04:54

breaking news: Chile Earthquake/tsunami -

  • social media in action: announced by CC Chapman w/in hours from quake
  • Skype to the rescue
  • CrisisCamp Washington, DC
  • Back-alley-level maps for Haiti. Red Cross workers reported that lives were saved from these crowdsourced efforts
  • or One active guy is Noel Dickove

Second Life - gets a second wind?

Yelp lawsuits

Case Studies Online: -

Go-Givers Sell More by Bob Burg & John David Mann:

Episode 2: Which Inbox

45m · Published 23 Feb 19:55

Twitter spam: Use to fight back

Too many inboxes: just move it all to Gmail -

Google Voice:

Disclosures: for anything you earn a profit from by recommending:

NBC Olympic Coverage issues

Pick of the week


Episode 1: Infinitely Cool

52m · Published 16 Feb 05:04

* Intro Thought: * The relevance of social media * Are any businesses "safe" from needing to be online? * Kevin Smith (from Clerks and other so-so classics) story, * Is there a formula? * Established Site: Yelp - * Is your business in there? * Special Offers * New "check ins" * iPhone monicle * New Site: Google Buzz - * Do you care? * Should you care? * Does everything from Google require so much attention? * Branding issue: - Dave * Comcast rebrands as Xfinity: &,2817,2358807,00.asp * Free Thinkers Online * Pick a site, blog post, book - Seth Godin's blog, * The Attention Economy: Understanding the New Currency of Business, Thomas H Davenport, John C Beck * Third Tribe Marketing - * Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, Brian Solis

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