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by Joseph Landry & L. Sheldon Oldford

Discussion of all things about aliens and UFOs, from Biblical times to the present.

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The Vatican Archives

46m · Published 13 Mar 00:00

Joe and Laurie explore the enigma and intriguing mysteries that are possibly hidden away within the Secret Archives of the Holy See, and about how they may shed light on the existence of alien visitors....Read more

Atheism vs. Ancient Alien Theory

1h 13m · Published 26 Feb 07:00

Laurie and Joe invite special guest Ryan back to the show to debate the position of the ancient alien theory against the position of atheism through an open dialogue about the very reason that humans establish belief systems. Support us on 👉 Alien Talk Podcast Follow us on Facebook 👉 Alien Talk PodcastFollow us on Instagram 👉 Alien Talk...Read more

The New Era of UFO and UAP Disclosure

38m · Published 12 Feb 07:00

Joe and Laurie discuss the exciting topics brought up during their attendance at the <em>Ancient Aliens </em>Live symposium in Phoenix, AZ on January 26,...Read more

Alien Implants: Fragments from Abductions?

40m · Published 29 Jan 19:00

Co-hosts Laurie and Joe discuss the peculiar cases of foreign object implants found in the bodies of victims who have reported being abducted by aliens. more

Starships of the Ancient Past

57m · Published 15 Jan 17:00

Joe and Laurie invite British actor and author, Aaron Long, on for a discussion about how the actual source material for the visions mentioned in multiple scriptures, may actually be from encounters with alien starships.  <em>Man and His Symbols</em>, "Ancient Myths and Modern Man<em>,"</em> J. Henderson (1964), Dell Publishing, New York...Read more

The Extraterrestrial Secrets of Enoch, Part 2

45m · Published 01 Jan 22:00

Laurie and Joe continue to explore the literature of Enoch and look into the second and third books to find what clues are found about the space travel of ancient aliens.  <em>Fallen Angels and The Origins of Evil</em>, E. Claire Prophet, (1983), Summit university Press, Gardiner,...Read more

The Extraterrestrial Secrets of Enoch, Part 1

43m · Published 18 Dec 23:00

Joe and Laurie explore what clues are found in the shadowy and obscure Book of Enoch about an ancient alien presence on Earth. Omitted from the Bible, this suppressed and forgotten script has been crucial to better understanding the mysterious dogmas of Judeo-Christianity and how they hint to an extraterrestrial...Read more

Alien Tech: Human Ingenuity from Beyond Our World

49m · Published 05 Dec 04:00

Laurie and Joe examine how technology may have increased at an astounding pace, possibly as a result of extraterrestrial influences throughout human history, most pronounced since the Roswell incident. <em>Handbook to Life in Ancient Mesopotamia</em>, (2002), S. Bertman, Oxford University Press<em> The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of...Read more

Aliens and the Apocalypse

55m · Published 20 Nov 19:00

Joe and Laurie look at the idea of the apocalypse and analyze the possible symbolism of extraterrestrial intervention with humanity's destructive destiny, and how our ancestors left clues for our survival.<em>The Consummation of History</em>, G. Weber, (1978), Baker House <em>End-Time Visions: The Road to Armageddon?</em> R. Abanes, (1998), Four Walls...Read more

Extraterrestrial Mythology: The Saga of Humanity

55m · Published 07 Nov 02:00

Joe and Laurie invite British actor and author of the Ancient Astronaut Theory Facebook page, Aaron Long, on for a discussion about how the notion of ancient aliens pervades all of our cultures, and how our mythologies provide the best clues to finding answers to the unknowns of the past.  Support us on 👉 Alien Talk Podcast Follow us on...Read more

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