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Food For Fatties Podcast

by LukeVonDuke

Im a Foodie. I Like to EAT!

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Food For Fatties -Episode 4

15m · Published 22 Mar 18:48
In this episode we talk Corona Virus-COVID-19 Updates! FAKE NEWS! and Support Your Local Businesses!

Food For fatties Episode 3

12m · Published 04 Mar 22:14
In this episode we talk about an amazing place to eat Open Sesame in Belmont Shore and all my other favorite Middle Eastern Food spots to eat!

Food For Fatties Episode 2

7m · Published 01 Mar 17:18
Episode 2 is ALL about "Who Has The Best Pizza In San Pedro?" Instagram @lucasvalens143 Facebook Food For Fatties Podcast

Food For Fatties Episode 1

16m · Published 01 Mar 17:07
This episode is about, Domenick's Pizza House in San Pedro and Carson California, My Grampie's Cheese Sandwiches on Sour Dough, and the Popeye's/Chik-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich Challenge. Instagram @lucasvalens143 Facebook Food For Fatties Podcast

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