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A long-form documentary radio project celebrating the unique diversity and biodiversity found around Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. HWWM is a sonic celebration that weaves together field recordings and interviews conducted in and around the lake.

Copyright: Copyright 2019, Joel Wanek

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The podcast is hosted on Each episode is on average 44:31 long.

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Here is Where We Meet is a sonic celebration of Lake Merritt, a long-form documentary radio project broadcast the first Wednesday of the...Read more

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HWWM 10 / An experiment in keeping Oakland Oakland

Our final episode of 2019 is filled with quiet spaces as activity around the Lake drops along with the Fall temperatures. We speak with Oakland resident and affordable housing advocate Rafael Yaquian who was volunteering to clear debris from the Lake. We also chat with members of The Others Bike Club from San Jose who were riding around the Lake on their...Read more

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HWWM 09 / How can we see each other at the Lake?

We wander through the big crowds at the annual Dragon Boat races held annually at the Lake, musician and recent Bay Area transplant from Sweden Johan Ericson who was singing and strumming his guitar lakeside one afternoon, and Oaklander and East Bay bicycle advocate Ginger Jui who was sketching a Black-crowned Night Heron one evening.

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HWWM 08 / Tranquality: A Piece of Peace

Episode eight brings us the thoughts and ideas from musician and life philosopoher Roy Meegan who was playing his unique dub stylings around Lake Merritt one sunny afternoon, Oakland residents Desire J. Forte and Calvin Joseph Forte who were celebrating their second anniversary with a photo session at the Lake, and local composer and educator James Mahone...Read more

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HWWM 07 / Pelicans, Lake Merritt in the 80s, and Dahlias

In this Episode 7 we hear from Katie Noonan with the Friends of the Rotary Nature Center who works amongst much of the avian life around the Lake. We also stumble upon a group of Naval veterans who were stationed in Alameda on the USS Carl Vinson in the 1980s. They were at the Lake celebrating their 30th reunion. Finally we speak with Kristi Whitfield of...Read more

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HWWM 06 / Respecting the space

Wildlife photographer Rick Lewis talk to us about coming to Lake Merritt a few times a year to look for hard-to-find birds that stop in Oakland while on their migratory paths. We also hear form longtime Oakland resident Wayne Sherwin who volunteers with the Lake Merritt Institute to regularly clear plastic and other debris from the lake. And, we stumble...Read more

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HWWM 05 / The Lake is how people come to know each other in Oakland

Educator and musician Guy DeChalus gives us the title of this episode. We interrupt his marimba practice for a robust conversation about music, Oakland, and lessons the Lake provides. We also talk with juggler Charles Blue, and animator and artist JP Lee. We also give an intimate listen to the bells from Our Lady of Lourdes church which is adjacent to the...Read more

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HWWM 04 / Healers, Musicians, and Gardeners

We start and end the show this month with sounds from the drum circles that gather every week at the Lake Merritt pergola. We also hear from massage therapist Brian Lindsay who serves the public by setting up his table at Lake Merritt most weekends, groups of loud seagulls fighting for food and attention, Oakland resident Ben Constanza who enjoys...Read more

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HWWM 03 / Sunday life at the Lake

In this episode we stroll around Lake Merritt on a busy, warm Sunday, taking in the variety of sounds: bbqs, salsa dancing, drumming, and endless people strolling around. We also talk to aspiring rapper and producer Mac Che and aikido practitioners Greco and Stephon.

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HWWM 02 / Living homeless at Lake Merritt

It has been a rainy month and that features prominently in this episode. The homeless crisis in Oakland seems to be at an extremely dire level. There have been many encampments stationed in and around the Lake lately. We talk with Casey Cummings and Maurice Boyce, two Oakland residents that are currently living homeless around Lake Merritt. We also hear...Read more

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