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Thomas Talks

by Thomas Morgan

Me and a weekly guest host talk about sports and the world we live in.

Copyright: Thomas Morgan


Episode 30: Paralympics

9m · Published 01 Sep 02:09
This week I talk about the Paralympics which is an awesome follow up to the Summer Olympics! I also talk about a TikTok star who wins gold and a blind American 100 meter athlete.

Episode 29: Space Jam Old VS New Comparison.

6m · Published 23 Aug 03:31
In this weeks episode I talk about the new space jam versus the old space jam and my opinion on both. SPOILER ALERTS!!!!

Episode 28: Closing out the Olympics with Drew Rogers

13m · Published 09 Aug 06:36
Me and Drew talk about the oldest and youngest people to medal in the 2020 Olympics, the Olympic marathon, the final medal count and more.

Episode 27: Olympics talk with Tyler Murray pt.2

20m · Published 02 Aug 02:53
Another new update with Tyler Murray about the summer Olympics. We talk about the fastest man alive today, high jump, swimming in the Olympics and more.

Episode 26: Talking with Tyler Murray about the Summer Olympics.

32m · Published 29 Jul 23:21
This episode is full of updates from the past week of the Olympics. Enjoy the special mid week episode!!

Episode 25: Talking with Karate Master, Master Brumitt.

25m · Published 25 Jul 17:44
In this weeks episode I talk to Mr. Brumitt, the highest level black belt at Tristar Karate. We talk about all things karate. If you are interested in joining karate check out

Episode 24: Race Day Special and the Olympics

9m · Published 20 Jul 02:44
I talk with Drew Rogers about a race we both took part in and the upcoming season. I also talk about some COVID problems in the Olympics.

Episode 23: Talking with Herscher golfer Paul Azzarelli

19m · Published 28 Jun 01:54
This week’s episode we talk about all kinds of things related to golf (including mini golf and blind golf!) and the ups and downs of game. Tune in for this fresh perspective from a teen who literally plays almost every single day!!

Episode 22: Fathers Day and State for Track and Field

9m · Published 21 Jun 01:49
For this week’s episode I talk about State for Track and Field, NBA, Olympic Trials, and speed round questions with my very own Father!!!!

Episode 21: Herscher Tiger boys win Sectionals!!

9m · Published 14 Jun 00:29
I interview the head coach along with some of the athletes and attendees of the 2021 Sectionals meet hosted by the champion Herscher Tiger boys.

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