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Life Matters - Separate stories podcast

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Helping you figure out all the big stuff in life: relationships, health, money, work and the world. Let's talk! With trusted experts and your stories, Life Matters is all about what matters to you.

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Ask Aunty: when someone uses your name in their book

13m · Published 16 May 23:46

Your brother in law has just published his first work of fiction, a novel. But he's used your name to identify one of the worst characters in the book.

The author, his mother and your husband don't think this is a big deal.You've tried to express how hurt you are but no one wants to address it. What can you do with these feelings?

Is it ok to be radically honest?

38m · Published 16 May 23:06

Being honest can be equal parts scary and liberating.

It can take a while to work up to being honest with someone, and it can feel confronting when someone is honest with you.The term 'radical honesty' has been bandied about the internet lately. Proponents claim it can reduce stress and help us feel more connected to those around us.

But the art of being honest and receiving honesty takes care and consideration.

The past and present of protests on campus

22m · Published 15 May 23:35

Students have gathered on campuses across Australia to protest their universities' involvement with weapons manufacturers and with the state of Israel.

Deakin University and the ANU have called time on the protests, but the Group of 8 released a statement of principals which includes support for "the right to peaceful, non-violent demonstrations on campus as the exercise of lawful Freedom of Speech."

That stands in stark contrast with America, where some student camps have been met with tear gas and rubber bullets by police called in by the university administrators.

This is hardly the first protest to occur on campus grounds — from the Vietnam war to gender equality to student rights — unis have been a site for political expression.

So why do universities become flash-points for protest? And how do the current protests fit into that tradition?

Here's What I Know: Marcia Hines' golden rule

2m · Published 15 May 23:32

Marcia Hines is Australia's queen of disco and a long-time fixture on our TV screens judging and mentoring aspiring stars.

She shares the best advice she received from her mother and how she plans to spend her kids' inheritance.

Is your work addiction making you miserable? Here's what life looks like for a workaholic in recovery

28m · Published 15 May 23:06

As the youngest executive manager at one of Australia’s biggest financial service companies, Jo Wagstaff appeared to have it all: a corner office overlooking Sydney harbour, a new BMW bought outright with her latest bonus, a beautiful home, husband and son.

But underneath, she was ‘barely keeping it together’. And one day the pieces of her life came tumbling down.

So, how did Jo recover from a place of ‘success addiction’ and workaholism and what can any of us finding it hard to disconnect from work stress learn from her experience?

Getting lost in the streets of your town

12m · Published 14 May 23:42

Have you ever turned down the wrong street on your way home and found yourself surprised by your own town?

Even the most exciting city can begin to feel familiar, even a little boring, but what happens if you embrace those wrong turns or even treat your city like a tourist?

Professor Stephen Dobson shares his thoughts on why we should take a fresh look at the world around us.

Relief and reform: will this budget ease the cost-of-living pressures for your household?

38m · Published 14 May 23:06

The Treasurer, Jim Chalmers, has been at pains to call this a "responsible" budget.

And it's clear that the Government is hoping to convince the Reserve Bank that an interest cut is warranted by the end of the year.

But, with many Australian's still feeling the pressure of the increased cost of living, does the budget do enough to balance the challenges of today alongside the hope of the future?

Paulie Stewart OAM, from punk rock to singing with nuns

14m · Published 13 May 23:43

Anybody hanging out in the Melbourne early 80's music scene will know Painters and Dockers, the veteran punk band fronted by Paulie Stewart.

But these days you are far more likely to hear him singing with the Alma nuns in Timor Leste.

Paulie's activist work is shaped by a personal tragedy and you might even say his music was too.

Libraries seeing an increase in attempts to ban books

16m · Published 13 May 23:27

The recent move by Cumberland Council in Western Sydney to ban books about same sex parenting in its libraries is not a one off.

The Australian Library and Information Association says there has been an increase in so-called book challenges in Australia, where community members try to have certain books from library shelves.

The move echoes a trend to ban books in the United States and other parts of the world, which has been documented in a new RN Series Banned Books.

Calls for increased childcare subsidies for First Nations families

22m · Published 13 May 23:06

Ahead of the Federal budget, SNAICC, the peak body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, is calling for childcare and early education to be made more affordable for First Nations families, through subsidies that would provide up to 30 hours of free access to childcare.

SNAICC and parts of the Aboriginal community-controlled early learning sector argue that increased access to affordable and culturally safe childcare would help close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

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