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Broke & Stressed | A PT Student Podcast

by Ruben Cabrera

A PT Student talking about PT student things. Hosted by Ruben Cabrera. SOCIAL MEDIA YouTube: Ruben Cabre Instagram: @rjtehninja

Copyright: Ruben Cabrera

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The podcast is hosted on Each episode is on average 31:12 long.

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EP 29 - Tips for writing an awesome PT Application Essay ft. Jasmine M (ThePTWriter)

A key portion of the PT school application is the personal statement essay and it’s something a lot of applicants struggle with. How do you structure it? What should you talk about? How can I make my essay help me stand out amongst the thousands of applicants? Today Dr. Jasmine M AKA ThePTWriter answers some of these questions and more! We go through her...Read more

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EP 28 - Reflecting on our growth during clinicals ft. Miranda L

It feels good to look back and reflect on how you’ve grown as a SPT/clinician and that’s exactly what my classmate Miranda and I did in this episode. We talk about the various clinical settings she was in for her internships, how they differed, and the biggest ways she grew from them. Keep in mind this episode was recorded BEFORE we graduated =) HER...Read more

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EP 27 - How to navigate the PT job market ft. Pauline T (Clinical Sprinkles)

On today’s episode, Pauline AKA Clinical Sprinkles gives us guidance into how to look for the best outpatient PT job suited for you. We discuss things she’s learned from her previous job experiences - the good and the bad - and things to look out for when on the job hunt. We also discuss a very important skill that they don’t teach you in PT school - how...Read more

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EP 26 - Staying sane during PT school ft. Colleen S

One cold, hard truth that hits all PT students like a wall of bricks is this: PT SCHOOL IS HARD. Countless hours of studying and endless stress takes a toll on many of us students so it’s vital that we discover ways to navigate through grad school with our sanity intact. One of my great friends in PT school Colleen gives us her best advice for balancing...Read more

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EP 25 - It’s Okay to Not Be Okay - Talks about Post-grad PT life ft. Jackie C

What is life like after PT school? I - for one - am curious and super nervous because I have no idea what direction to take myself once I get my degree! In this episode of Broke & Stressed, I talk to Jackie about her post grad experience and the process she took to try to figure it all out. We talk through some tips for giving yourself direction as to...Read more

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EP 24 - Is it worth it to travel during clinicals? A Hawaiian clinical experience ft. Lydia H

Clinical rotations can put a student physical therapist in a variety of different locations across the country or even the world. My classmate Lydia gave us some insight into her clinical experience in Hawaii. Part vacation, part clinical, all worth it. I ask her what the pros and cons are of embarking on such an adventure, her top tips for anyone...Read more

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EP 23 - Growing as a new grad PT ft. Matt V

Even as a full-time practicing clinician, you’re never done learning and growing. Today my guest Matt V walks us through his experiences through PT school and afterwards and he addresses how each of these experiences have helped him grow into the therapist he is today. He also provides some tips for new grads and how you can continue to develop your...Read more

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EP 22 - From wait-list to PT Student to vlogger ft. Robby T

With my first episode back from a long hiatus, I bring on an old undergrad buddy Robby T as we talk about his journey from being wait-listed to moving to a different state for PT school. He tells me about his crazy scramble after getting accepted, how he’s adjusted to his new life, and how he started his very own vlog! HIS Instagram: @robtolentino23 HIS...Read more

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EP 21 - Commuting & patient rapport ft. Kelly H

Today the podcast returns with one of my lovely classmates as the special guest. We talk about how clinicals went for her and what's she's learned. We also discuss how commuting affected her PT school experience, for better and for worse. To end, we talk about some ways that anyone can develop greater patient rapport and build connections with your...Read more

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EP 20 - NPTE prep & PT Advocacy ft. Amanda O

In this episode, I’m joined by Amanda O, a recent grad who’s studying for her NPTE coming up soon! We discuss her experience studying for the big exam, how she’s been managing her stress, and she gives us tips that she’s found helpful along the way. We also talk about her involvement in a variety of different PT-related orgs that function primarily to...Read more

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