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The Happy Pod: The Centenarian Stargazer

26m · Published 13 Apr 11:01

This week, we meet the 105 year-old man celebrating his thirteenth total solar eclipse. Also: The AI technology giving back a voice to the voiceless. And our intrepid reporter goes in search of the crookie.

Haiti moves toward a new governing council

30m · Published 12 Apr 23:15

A nine-member political body, tasked with filling the leadership vacuum in Haiti, has been created although their names have not been made public. Also: the US says Iran could attack Israel with drones and missiles within hours, and a Norwegian minister resigns over plagiarism claims.

Sudan facing 'catastrophic' hunger crisis after a year of civil war

28m · Published 12 Apr 14:49

The BBC gets rare access to one affected area in Sudan. Also: Belgium has opened an investigation into suspected Russian interference in the European Parliament, and how did a star manage to explode giving off more light than ever seen before?

OJ Simpson dies of cancer

30m · Published 11 Apr 23:49

In what was dubbed the trial of the century, in 1994 he was accused of murdering Nicole Brown, and her friend. Also: The Colombian capital Bogota begins rationing water to millions because of a prolonged drought that has left reservoirs exhausted, and a Japanese astronaut is set to become the first non-American to set foot on the Moon during one of NASA's upcoming Artemis missions.

A property developer in Vietnam is sentenced to death for defrauding a bank

26m · Published 11 Apr 13:37

A court says she was the mastermind behind a scheme to defraud the Saigon Commercial Bank of more than forty billion dollars over a ten-year period. Also: President Zelensky makes a plea for more air defences, and the death is announced in Japan of the first foreign-born sumo champion - Akebono.

'No joy, only pain' as Gazans mark Eid

32m · Published 10 Apr 23:54

In Rafah in southern Gaza, prayers were held beside the ruins of al-Farouk mosque, destroyed in Israeli bombardments. Also: Israel cofirms the killing in Gaza of three sons of the Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh, and the European Parliament approves sweeping new asylum rules aimed at transforming how refugees and migrants are processed.

Kazakhstan and Russia suffer worst floods in decades

30m · Published 10 Apr 14:35

More than 100,000 people have been forced to evacuate with warnings that the situation will worsen. We hear from the Russian side of the border with Kazakhstan. Also: Chinese President Xi has hosted the former leader of Taiwan in a historic meeting, and we'll tell you what to do when you're angry.

Arizona court revives 1864 abortion law

32m · Published 10 Apr 00:18

It joins more than 12 other states where abortions have been largely outlawed since the federal right to a termination was removed two years ago. Also: Gaza receives its largest airdrop of aid in six months, and the British scientist who gave his name to a subatomic particle -- the Higgs bosun -- has died at the age of 94.

Swiss women win landmark climate change case

29m · Published 09 Apr 14:11

Europe's human rights court ruled that their rights were violated by climate inaction. Also: trial begins of 27 people charged in connection with the Panama Papers scandal, and Scrabble gets a makeover.

North America awed by total solar eclipse

29m · Published 09 Apr 00:54

A once-in-a-lifetime spectacle was witnessed by millions across the continent. Also: Trump says let US states decide abortion rights, and scientists say Long Covid blood clues could prompt future trials.

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