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Lost and Found in 2020

by Evergreen Podcasts

In the last months of 2020, we at Scare Your Soul challenged people everywhere to tell their true stories of a life during pandemic. We called the challenge “Lost and Found in 2020,” and were amazed by the stories we received.Just for you, we selected 10 of these stories, read by 10 accomplished Broadway actors whose lives have also been deeply impacted by the pandemic. The result, as you will hear, is powerful. We all lost so much during the pandemic. And yet, we found so much too.www.scareyoursoul.com- Lost and Found in 2020 is a project of Scare Your Soul, a social-benefit courage movement. Visit us to learn more about being more courageous in your life and to receive a free courage challenge and resources.www.evergreenpodcasts.com- the project is in partnership with Evergreen Podcasts.Visit them for more information about their wide offering of compelling podcasts.www.theactorsfund.org- the pandemic affected so many people, not the least our nation’s entertainers. Listeners are encouraged to support the amazing work of The Actors Fund.

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Pandemic And Plants

7m · Published 16 Jun 17:25
We all have the opportunity to stand on our own and flourish no matter the harship. And the pandemic of 2020 was no different. In this episode, actor McKenzie Kurtz reads Michelle Thomas' story of finding strong roots and growing in new directions.

One Door Opens As Another Closes

6m · Published 09 Jun 04:00
Keith White reads Claire Fullerton’s beautiful testimonial through, loss, grief, and discovery. Her journey honors the loss of her brother and new found deeper connection to her paternal lineage

The Person I Longed To Be

10m · Published 02 Jun 09:00
Trey Harrington reads Christine Reed's tale which begins with a strange shortness of breath during a 50k ultra training run. It led to a gradual self-realization of an imperfect life being exactly the kind of life she wanted.

Looking Ahead With Clear Eyes

6m · Published 26 May 23:31
Friday the 13th, 2020. The day that sent Elena Glass' world spinning. The day when her favorite person, her Dad Geno, went into a coma. What happened next - read powerfully by Tiffany Cholothorn - is a story of love rising from loss.

2020 Rhythm

7m · Published 19 May 13:20
This week's episode - written by Lindy M. Russell and read by Alison McCartan - takes us on a poetic journey through our wants, needs, and wishes, full of imagery that brings us to the sustenance we need for the work ahead.

Thank You For Being My Hero

6m · Published 12 May 09:00
"Are memories as vital as we believe them to be, or is the present the only moment we truly have to call our own?" Meryn Beckett reads Lucy Norris' ode to her grandfather. Lucy's return to the UK brings her face-to-face with the man who is doing battle with an insidious disease - dementia - and in the process, she finds a powerful connection with her hero.

My Yellow Summer

8m · Published 05 May 22:02
Brittney Johnson shares Dawn Rivers' beautiful and raw story of her dreams and challenges this past year. She loses so much and finds even more.

The Loudmouth At The Corner Bar

5m · Published 28 Apr 09:00
King Hill writes - and Broadway actor and singer Loren Smith reads - this devilishly clever take on politics in 2020.

I Began 2020 By Disappearing

9m · Published 21 Apr 11:22
What happens when the end of a relationship coincides with the beginning of a pandemic? In this episode, Broadway actor Ryan McCartan reads Scott Simon's very personal story of losing love and finding so much more.

Nana’s Letters

12m · Published 14 Apr 09:00
In this first episode of the Lost and Found in 2020 Podcast, Broadway actor Rachel Prather reads Susan Van Allen's deeply touching tale of finding a box of her grandmother's letters from Italy in 1957. As she spreads the letters across her couch and begins to read, old stories become new again.

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