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How Poisoned Applesauce Found Its Way to Kids The Daily 29 Feb 10:45

A Times investigation has revealed how applesauce laced with high levels of lead sailed through a food safety system meant to protect American consumers, and poisoned hundreds of children across the U.S.

Christina Jewett, who covers the Food and Drug Administration for The Times, talks about what she found.

Guest: Christina Jewett, who covers the Food and Drug Administration for The New York Times.

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An Arms Race Quietly Unfolds in Space The Daily 28 Feb 10:48

U.S. officials have acknowledged a growing fear that Russia may be trying to put a nuclear weapon into orbit.

Eric Lipton, an investigative reporter for The Times, explains that their real worry is that America could lose the battle for military supremacy in space.

Guest: Eric Lipton, an investigative reporter for The New York Times.

Background reading:

  • The U.S. warned its allies that...
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The Voters Willing to Abandon Biden Over Gaza The Daily 27 Feb 10:51

In the past few weeks, activists in Michigan have begun calling voters in the state, asking them to protest President Biden’s support for the Israeli military campaign in Gaza by not voting for him in the Democratic primary.

The activists are attempting to turn their anger over Gaza into a political force, one that could be decisive in a critical swing state where winning...

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The Alabama Ruling That Could Stop Families From Having Kids The Daily 26 Feb 10:48

A surprise ruling from the Alabama Supreme Court has halted fertility treatments across the state and sent a shock wave through the world of reproductive health.

Azeen Ghorayshi, who covers sex, gender, and science for The Times, explains what the court case means for reproductive health and a patient in Alabama explains what it is like navigating the fallout.

Guests: Azeen Ghorayshi, who covers...

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Episode 541: The Unsolved Murder of Georgette Bauerdorf Morbid 26 Feb 08:01

On the morning of October 12, 1944, Lulu Atwood arrived at the El Palacio Apartments in West Hollywood, where she worked cleaning apartments for wealthy and celebrity clients. When Lulu reached the apartment of twenty-year-old Georgette Bauerdorf, she called out and when she got no reply, she entered the apartment to begin her work. Inside, Lulu could hear the water running in the bathtub...

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Trump’s Cash Crunch The Daily 23 Feb 10:45

Last week, when a civil court judge in New York ruled against Donald J. Trump, he imposed a set of penalties so severe that they could temporarily sever the former president from his real-estate empire and wipe out all of his cash.

Jonah Bromwich, who covers criminal justice in New York, and Maggie Haberman, a senior political correspondent for The Times, explain what that...

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Trump's Legal Challenges, Explained Fresh Air 22 Feb 19:37
Donald Trump faces 91 felony charges across four states and several lawsuits. The first of four criminal case trials is expected to start on March 25. We talk with reporter Alan Feuer who is part of the team at the New York Times.
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‘What If Someone Dies?’ And Other 2024 Questions, Answered The Run-Up 22 Feb 10:00

For the past few months, we’ve been asking our listeners to write in with questions, and we’ve gotten some great ones. Things like: How does polling work? Does Joe Biden’s stance on Gaza present a campaign challenge? And who might Donald Trump select as his running mate?

But as we were sorting through them, an underlying theme started to emerge: People can’t seem to...

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Episode 540: Anna George and the Murder of George Saxton Morbid 22 Feb 08:01

 On the evening of October 6, 1898, forty-eight-year-old George Saxton, brother of First Lady Ida McKinley, was riding his bike to the home of his lady friend Eva Althouse when an assailant dressed in black emerged from the shadows and fired two shots. Wounded, George crawled towards Eva’s house and had just reached the front steps when the shooter approached and fired two more...

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What Happens if America Turns Its Back on Its Allies in Europe The Daily 21 Feb 10:45

Over the past few weeks, a growing sense of alarm across Europe over the future of the continent’s security has turned into outright panic.

As Russia advances on the battlefield in Ukraine, the U.S. Congress has refused to pass billions of dollars in new funding for Ukraine’s war effort and Donald Trump has warned European leaders that if they do not pay what he...

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