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United States Senate

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SCOTUS Takes Trump Case, McConnell To Leave Leadership Post, Grim Gaza Milestone Up First 29 Feb 11:14
The Supreme Court will decide if Donald Trump is immune from prosecution for his official actions as president. Mitch McConnell plans to step down as Senate Republican leader at the end of the year. And the death toll in Gaza has surpassed 30,000.
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Michigan Votes; McConnell Vacates The NPR Politics Podcast 28 Feb 21:20
President Biden won the Michigan Democratic presidential primary Tuesday by a wide margin, despite a push by those upset by his administration's policies about the war in Gaza to vote uncommitted.
Meanwhile, former president Trump won the state's Republican presidential primary, as widely expected.
And, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced he would leave his leadership position in November. He is...
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Senate Races To Watch This Year The NPR Politics Podcast 21 Feb 21:42
This episode: Voting correspondent Miles Parks, political correspondent Susan Davis and senior political editor and correspondent Domenico Montanaro. West Virginia, Maryland, and Arizona could decide if Democrats keep their one-seat majority in the Senate.
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The Dan Bongino Sunday Special 02/18/24 - President Trump, Chaya Raichik, Julie Kelly and an epic rant The Dan Bongino Show 18 Feb 11:00
President Donald Trump gave his first interview after the primaries. Dan rants on the ineptitude of liberals and politicians in general. Chaya Raychik, who runs Libs Of TikTok, talks about the latest attacks on her.
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Who's In Charge Here? The NPR Politics Podcast 12 Feb 22:18
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is at odds with his colleagues about what the party's priorities are. Speaker Mike Johnson is dwindling within his own after bringing a bill to the floor without enough votes to pass it. Who is really leading congressional Republicans?
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Israel-Gaza Latest, McConnell's Fading Influence, Super Bowl Preview Up First 10 Feb 13:28
Israel prepares for a possible ground invasion of the southern end of Gaza. The failure of a border control measures shows the waning power of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. The Kansas City Chiefs are poised to win their second consecutive NFL championship.
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Immigration Legislation Is A No Go The NPR Politics Podcast 07 Feb 21:53
Senators released a new bipartisan immigration deal on Sunday. The agreement fell apart within days after Senate Republicans turned against it. What will happen now?
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Blinken Hamas-Israel, Senate Border Deal in Trouble, Parental Gun Responsibility Up First 07 Feb 11:15
Secretary of State Antony Blinken lands in Israel with Hamas' first public response to a ceasefire deal. Democrats blame former President Donald Trump for sinking a bipartisan Senate bill meant to address the crisis at the border. And, there's more attention on the legal responsibilities of parents with guns after a Michigan jury found the mother of the 2021 Oxford Highschool shooter guilty of...
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Why The Border Bill Is Absolute TRASH (Ep 2180) The Dan Bongino Show 05 Feb 18:17
In this episode, I analyze and discuss the disastrous "border bill" unveiled by the Senate. The Migrant Standoff in Eagle Pass, Texas Scope and History of Section 212(f) Presidential Authority to Suspend/Restrict Entry by Proclamation
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Middle East Escalation, Senate Immigration Bill, Grammy Awards Up First 05 Feb 11:35
The U.S. carried out more strikes on Iranian-backed groups as Secretary Antony Blinken heads to the Middle East. The Senate unveiled a $118 billion bipartisan Immigration bill meant to address national security at home and abroad, but House Republicans say it's dead on arrival. And, torrential rainfall in Los Angles, California didn't stop Taylor Swift from making history winning her 4th Album of the...
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