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Alabama Supreme Court Fallout, Ukraine War Anniversary, Chinese Data Leaks Up First 23 Feb 10:46
Lawmakers in Alabama are working on a legislative solution to a recent state Supreme Court decision which ruled that a frozen embryo has the same rights as a child. How do lawmakers want to fix the issue? Tomorrow will mark the two-year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. We'll check with NPR's Joanna Kakissis to hear how people in Ukraine feel about the future....
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Two Indicators: Economics of the defense industry Planet Money 21 Feb 22:48
The Department of Defense's proposed budget for 2024 is $842 billion. That is about 3.5% of the U.S.'s GDP. The military buys everything from pens and paper clips to fighter jets and submarines. But the market for military equipment is very different from the commercial market.
On today's episode, we're bringing you two stories from The Indicator's series on defense spending that explore...
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What Happens if America Turns Its Back on Its Allies in Europe The Daily 21 Feb 10:45

Over the past few weeks, a growing sense of alarm across Europe over the future of the continent’s security has turned into outright panic.

As Russia advances on the battlefield in Ukraine, the U.S. Congress has refused to pass billions of dollars in new funding for Ukraine’s war effort and Donald Trump has warned European leaders that if they do not pay what he...

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How to design for dignity during times of war | Slava Balbek TED Talks Daily 20 Feb 17:03

What happens when architecture meets empathy? Through the challenges of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, architect and humanitarian Slava Balbek, who volunteers part-time on the front lines, highlights the importance of designing for dignity when building temporary housing for the people of Ukraine who have lost their homes. A stirring reminder of the healing power of the built environment — and how it can...

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Ukrainian City Falls, Israel's Rafah Plans, Texas Steps Up Border Operation Up First 19 Feb 10:59
Russia has taken control of a frontline city in Ukraine. Despite international pressure, Israel seems set on a ground invasion of Rafah. Texas plans to build a new military base in the border city of Eagle Pass.
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ICYMI: Politics News From The Week The NPR Politics Podcast 16 Feb 21:22
This week, former President Donald Trump got a court date for his first criminal trial. Lawmakers take another swing at Ukraine aid and we look at swatting, the growing hoax trend.
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What the world can learn from Ukraine's fight for democracy | Olesya Khromeychuk TED Talks Daily 16 Feb 17:11

“A flourishing democracy next door is a scary thing for an autocrat,” says Ukrainian historian Olesya Khromeychuk. Detailing the history of Ukraine’s long struggle for sovereignty and freedom — against Russian tsars, communist dictators and now the Kremlin’s army — she shares three lessons anybody can use to join the global fight for democracy.

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Can Harris Assuage European Allies' Fears In Munich? The NPR Politics Podcast 15 Feb 20:55
Vice President Kamala Harris is in Germany this week for the Munich Security Conference. Harris is tasked with reassuring European allies the U.S. remains committed to their safety.
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It's ALWAYS Been About The Clintons (Ep2188) The Dan Bongino Show 15 Feb 15:36
I cover how all the dots connect and lead back to the Clintons. Get ready to have your mind blown. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com.
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Gaza Ceasefire Talks, Lloyd Austin Health Issues, Jon Stewart Returns Up First 13 Feb 11:28
As Israel plans an offensive in Rafah, negotiators are meeting in Cairo to discuss a path towards a ceasefire in Gaza. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin's Ukraine meeting with NATO allies with be virtual after cancelling his trip Brussels due to health complications. Jon Stewart returns to The Daily Show just in time for the presidential campaign.
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