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United Nations

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Mass Shootings in Maine, Gaza Fuel Shortage, New Speaker of the House Up First 26 Oct 10:04
A person of interest in two mass shootings in Lewiston, Maine is still at large. Gaza is running dangerously low on fuel to run hospitals and deliver aid. Republican have finally done it, they unanimously elected Mike Johnson of Louisiana as Speaker of the House.
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Biden At UNGA, US-Iran Prisoner Swap, Canada Assassination Up First 19 Sep 10:25
Five prisoners are on their way back to the US after a prisoner swap with Iran. Canada blames the Indian government for the assassination of a Sikh leader. President Biden speaks at the United Nations General Assembly.
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Divisions Grow Over Sending More Aid To Ukraine The NPR Politics Podcast 18 Sep 21:00
The topic of further funding Ukraine's war efforts is increasingly dividing the American public. The country's wartime president heads to the United Nations and to Capitol Hill this week.
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Sudanese Refugees, Texas's Floating Border Barrier, Georgia Election Case Up First 07 Sep 10:11
The United Nations says as many as a million people have fled war in Sudan. A judge reeled in Texas's floating border barrier. And prosecutors in the Georgia election case want a four month trial.
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Nikki Haley Will Seek The Republican Presidential Nomination The NPR Politics Podcast 01 Feb 21:09
The National Prayer Breakfast is getting a revamp. The former South Carolina governor is going back on her pledge not to run against her former boss, Donald Trump.
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Thursday, November 24th, 2022 Up First 24 Nov 10:47
Who were the victims of the mass shooting at a Virginia Walmart earlier this week and what were their last moments like? And are airlines ready for travel to return to pre-pandemic levels? Plus, what can a United Nations council do to support protestors in Iran as the government intensifies its crackdown?
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Biden: Russia's Invasion "Should Make Your Blood Run Cold" The NPR Politics Podcast 21 Sep 21:00
President Biden's annual remarks before the United Nations General Assembly were designed to rally people at home and abroad to continue their support for the Ukrainian people. He also doubled-down on U.S. competition with China.
This episode: voting reporter Miles Parks, White House correspondent Franco Ordoñez, and diplomatic correspondent Michele Kelemen.
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Jan. 6 Hearing, UN Grain Deal, Biden COVID Treatment Up First 22 Jul 09:51
New evidence from the Jan. 6 hearing shows Vice President Mike Pence's Secret Service detail feared for their lives in the 187 minutes it took for the President to call off the mob. The United Nations brokered a deal between Russia, Ukraine and Turkey to get badly needed grain supplies from Ukraine to the rest of the world. And, President Biden has tested positive...
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A Last Chance to Avert Climate Disaster? The Daily 03 Nov 09:50

In a giant conference hall in Glasgow, leaders from around the world have gathered for the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Convention, or COP26. This is the 26th such session.

Many say this may be the last chance to avoid climate disaster. Will anything change this time?

Guest: Somini Sengupta, the international climate reporter for The New York Times.


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Biden Says The US Has Gotten Serious About Climate The NPR Politics Podcast 01 Nov 20:55
President Biden continues his travel this week in Scotland, where he is attending the United Nations climate conference, COP26. Biden told the gathering of world leaders that the U.S. will become a net-zero emissions economy in the next three decades.
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