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South Carolina

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Soros and the Intelligence Community Exposed (Ep 2196) The Dan Bongino Show 27 Feb 15:24
In this episode, I uncover how the deep-state conglomerate is eroding the political landscape and the constitution. Judge rules no bail release for FBI informant accused of lying about Biden business ties The prospect of a second Trump presidency has the intelligence community on edge South Carolina fallout: McConnell deputy endorses Trump, Koch-backed group pulls money for Haley Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved...
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What’s REALLY Going On With Nikki Haley (Ep 2195) The Dan Bongino Show 26 Feb 15:05
In this episode, I discuss why Nikki Haley is still running for the 2024 presidential election despite her numbers 'WOMAN OF MY WORD' Nikki Haley vows she’s ‘not giving up fight’ despite crushing defeat to Donald Trump in South Carolina GOP primary 2024 Inside Mayor Adams’ migrant debit card boondoggle — no-bid bank will hand out thousands to border crossers Ukrainian efforts to sabotage...
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Whose House? Trump's House. The NPR Politics Podcast 25 Feb 04:33
Former President Donald Trump won the South Carolina Republican primary race in former governor Nikki Haley's own backyard. Trump won about 60 percent of the vote, answering the question--can Haley win at home?
This episode: White House correspondent Asma Khalid, presidential campaign correspondent Danielle Kurtzleben, and presidential campaign reporter Sarah McCammon.
Our producers are Jeongyoon Han, Casey Morell & Kelli Wessinger. Our...
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Two Years of Russia's War On Ukraine; South Carolina GOP Primary Up First 24 Feb 15:03
As the Russia-Ukraine War heads into its third year, we look at the state of the conflict. Also, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has spent millions in her home state and sharpened her attacks on former President Donald Trump, hoping to chip away at his support.
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The Battle For The Base The NPR Politics Podcast 23 Feb 21:07
The South Carolina Republican primary is tomorrow. Former President Donald Trump is favored to win, but the contest will test how much appetite remains for a different Republican nominee. And how Republicans are reacting to last week's Alabama Supreme Court ruling that embryos created through IVF, are children under a state law.
This episode: political correspondent Susan Davis, presidential campaign correspondent Sarah McCammon,...
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Nikki Haley Sharpens Attacks On Trump, Biden Impeachment Inquiry, Opioid Crisis Up First 22 Feb 10:59
Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is ramping up her attacks on former President Donald Trump. A key witness in the Republican-led impeachment inquiry against President Biden has been charged with lying about an alleged bribery scheme. A new study shows that nearly half of all American adults know someone who died from an overdose.
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Supreme Court Hears EPA Challenge, Nikki Haley Remains Defiant, Frozen Embryo Ruling Up First 21 Feb 11:05
Supreme Court hears a challenge to the EPA's authority to regulate air quality. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has vowed to stay in the presidential race. Alabama's Supreme Court rules that fertilized eggs have the same rights as children.
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"I Feel No Need To Kiss The Ring" The NPR Politics Podcast 20 Feb 20:53
Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley vows to stay in the race for the state's primary on Saturday and beyond. A democratic congresswoman is urging voters to vote against Joe Biden in the election by selecting 'uncommitted' on their ballots.
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Foreign Policy Has Entered The Chat The NPR Politics Podcast 13 Feb 20:20
The South Carolina Republican primary is less than two weeks away. Both candidates are talking foreign policy. Nikki Haley, the former UN Ambassador under former President Trump, brings that experience to this debate.
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Biden Won South Carolina Primary. Does It Matter? The NPR Politics Podcast 05 Feb 21:29
President Joe Biden ran away with the democratic presidential nomination in South Carolina. We discuss takeaways from the race and what, if anything it tells us about Biden's support among Black voters.
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