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The Sunday Read: ‘Ghosts on the Glacier’ The Daily 07 Jan 11:00
Eight Americans set off for South America to climb Aconcagua. Two climbers died. Their bodies were left behind. Now, decades later, a camera belonging to one of the deceased climbers has emerged.
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A Mother, a Daughter, a Deadly Journey: An Update The Daily 28 Dec 10:45
The Darién Gap is a strip of terrain connecting South and Central America. Over the past few years, there has been an enormous increase in the number of migrants passing through the perilous zone.
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Can an ‘Anarcho-Capitalist’ President Save Argentina’s Economy? The Daily 11 Dec 10:45
Jack Nicas, the Brazil bureau chief for The New York Times, discusses Argentina’s incoming president. Javier Milei, a far-right libertarian, has drawn comparisons to Donald J. Trump.
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From Serial: ‘The Kids of Rutherford County’ The Daily 12 Nov 11:00
In April 2016, 11 Black schoolchildren, some as young as 8 years old, were arrested in Rutherford County, Tenn. The reason? They didn't stop a fight between some other kids. What happened in the wake of those arrests would expose a juvenile justice system that was playing by its own rules.
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Morocco Earthquake, Trump rally, Antibiotic Resistant Infections Up First 09 Sep 13:08
A strong earthquake hit Morocco killing hundreds of people and injuring scores more. Donald Trump fundraised in South Dakota last night, accompanied by the state's governor Kristi Noem. Antibiotic resistant infections are causing more and more deaths across the world, and air pollution may be to blame.
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The Sunday Story: "I didn't know I was Black until I came to this country" Up First 18 Jun 12:01
One in ten Black people living in the U.S. is an immigrant, and many Black immigrants—particularly those born in African nations—have settled in the South, according to a Pew Research report from 2022. This statistic caught Code Switch editor Leah Donnella's eye. And she wanted to know: how have Black immigrants redefined their sense of identity in the South, while confronting American racism? In...
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Episode 220: Shipwrecked Criminal 26 May 08:00
There’s an old sailors’ saying about the ocean at the southernmost part of the world — “below 40 degrees latitude, there is no law; below 50 degrees, there is no God.” David Grann brings us the story of what happened when five British warships set off on a secret mission to steal a ship filled with treasure. They’d have to sail around the very...
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What Did The White House Know, and When Did They Know It? (Ep 1989) The Dan Bongino Show 12 Apr 18:21
In this episode, I address the stunning new revelation that the White House may have played a role in ordering the Mar A Lago raid. News Picks: The world is watching as America burns from within. More good news for Republicans in the South. AI could be used in hospitals. AI is likely going to replace millions of workers. Bud Light blew up its...
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A Mother, a Daughter, a Deadly Journey The Daily 20 Jan 10:45

With mountains, intense mud, fast-running rivers and thick rainforest, the Darién Gap, a strip of terrain connecting South and Central America, is one of the most dangerous places on the planet.

Over the past few years, there has been an enormous increase in the number of migrants passing through the perilous zone in the hopes of getting to the United States.

Today, we hear...

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A Crisis in Peru Signals Trouble for South America The Daily 22 Dec 10:50

A few weeks ago, when President Pedro Castillo of Peru attempted an illegal power grab and ended up in jail, the response was unexpected: Thousands of protesters took to the streets to support him, and some died.

Why does such a divisive leader have such fierce backing? And what does the upheaval in Peru tell us about the way the political winds are blowing...

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