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Gavin Newsom

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Weekly Roundup: The House Expels Santos, and A Clash of Two Governors The NPR Politics Podcast 01 Dec 22:11
Rep. George Santos became the sixth person ever expelled from the House of Representatives Friday. And while Santos has been a political thorn in Republicans' side since his election, not everyone was comfortable kicking him out.
Plus, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis debated California Gov. Gavin Newsom in a debate on Fox News this week. It was a glimpse of the Democratic and Republican...
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Explosive New Info Against The Biden Crime Family Emerges (Ep 2141) The Dan Bongino Show 01 Dec 17:22
In this episode, I address the bank letter further damning the Biden Crime Family, the new developments in China, and discuss the debate between DeSantis and Gavin Newsom. Ohio first state to report 'white lung syndrome' outbreak Bank watchdog warned Hunter Biden got China cash for ‘no services rendered’ AI Is the Y2K Crisis, Only This Time It’s Real Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights...
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Israel-Hamas Fighting Resumes, Ukraine Aid Holdup, DeSantis vs. Newsom Debate Up First 01 Dec 11:45
Israeli airstrikes on Gaza resumed on Friday after a weeklong ceasefire. The White House wants lawmakers to provide additional funds to Israel and Ukraine. Florida's Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis debated California Democrat Gavin Newsom.
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The Enemy Within (Ep 2125) The Dan Bongino Show 06 Nov 17:20
Celebrities have weighed in on the Israel-Hamas war. Prepare to defend yourself, because the enemy is already here. How the DNC might nominate Gavin Newsom for President.
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It’s a Trap, Don’t Fall For It (Ep 2035) The Dan Bongino Show 20 Jun 15:06
In this episode, I address Donald Trump’s social media post exposing the queen of the deep state. News Picks: The sordid history of Lisa Monaco. RFK is being heavily censored by big tech. More dark money from the left supporting censorship. Gavin Newsom gets busted lying about the California exodus. Another delay in the FBI’s January 6th “bomber” case. Libs don’t want landlords to...
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The “Nuclear Secrets” Hoax Exposed (Ep 1865) The Dan Bongino Show 04 Oct 14:57
In this episode, I address the latest revelations about the “Trump stole nuclear secrets” hoax. As predicted, it was all BS. News Picks: Federally backed censorship machine raises separation of powers, election meddling questions. Looks like the swamp partnered up with private entities to censor people on their enemies list. The Supreme Court is going to review section 230, in a potential blow to...
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The Dan Bongino Sunday Special 07/10/22 The Dan Bongino Show 10 Jul 11:00
First up, we talked with Steve Deace about the Jan. 6th committee hearing, Hunter Biden, how establishment Republicans have no clue what their base cares about, and the latest Covid news. Also about his book coming out in November, Why Thanksgiving. Next, we talked with Layah Heilpern, an expert on crypto, talking about how this commodity is important in our current economic climate. Then...
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Terrorists Being Allowed Into The USA? (Ep 1803) The Dan Bongino Show 07 Jul 14:55
Terrorists being allowed in the United States? Is Biden the worst politician in modern US history? In this episode, I address the latest on these stories. News Picks: Lowest confidence in presidency ever recorded. Biden is a disaster. The NY Times is all in on censorship. Politico doing its best to make sure conservatives can’t find lawyers. Gavin Newsom is an enormous fraud. Companies...
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Major Election News (Ep 1789) The Dan Bongino Show 14 Jun 15:17
Big elections today around the country, here’s what to look for. In this episode, I also address the growing problem of propaganda, disguised as “fact-checks.” News Picks: Gavin Newsom Parrots Braindead ‘Red State Murder Rate’ Argument. Is there a three-quarter point rate hike coming? Left wing groups are terrified of Libs of Tik Tok. 'Surprise Witness' Called by J6 Committee Reveals Big Conflict for...
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There's A Chance That California Will Soon Have A Republican Governor The NPR Politics Podcast 08 Sep 20:45
Voting ends Tuesday in California's recall election. Voters are deciding whether or not to remove Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom from office. If he loses, Republican Larry Elder is the most likely candidate to replace him.
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