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Rafah Crossing, Biden Islamophobia Plan, Portland Teachers Strike Up First 02 Nov 10:04
White House plans to combat Islamophobia as frustration mounts among Muslims in America. Negotiations are ongoing to allow hundreds more foreign nationals to flee war-torn Gaza through Egypt's Rafah border crossing. schools in Portland, Oregon, are closed for a second day as the teachers' strike continues.
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The Sunday Read: ‘The Kidnapped Child Who Became a Poet’ The Daily 24 Sep 10:00

“The weird thing about growing up kidnapped,” Shane McCrae, the 47-year-old American poet, told me in his melodious, reedy voice one rainy afternoon in May, “is if it happens early enough, there’s a way in which you kind of don’t know.”

There was no reason for McCrae to have known. What unfolded in McCrae’s childhood — between a day in June 1979 when his...

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The Sunday Story: Election workers under siege Up First 02 Jul 12:00
"They said that they were coming for my family and somebody would have to pay for this."
Across the US, election workers say they are being verbally abused, followed, harassed and threatened. Much of this animosity is being driven by misinformation, particularly Donald Trump's ongoing lie that the 2020 election was stolen from him.
NPR's Chris Arnold reached out to thousands of...
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Episode 449: The Murder of Daniel Brophy Morbid 10 Apr 07:00

The Murder of Daniel Brophy:

On Saturday June 2, 2018, students at the Oregon Culinary Institute (OCI) arrived at class that morning to find their instructor, sixty-three-year-old Daniel Brophy, dead from gunshot wounds to the back and chest. With more than fifty years’ experience in the culinary field, Brophy was a popular chef and instructor and, while detectives couldn’t rule out a disgruntled student,...

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The Veterans Fighting to Legalize Psychedelics The Daily 22 Feb 10:50

In a major shift that would modify laws set half a decade ago, states and cities around the United States are moving to legalize psychedelics for use as a medical treatment.

The sudden change of heart has a lot to do with who is asking for the substances.

Guest: Andrew Jacobs, a health and science reporter for The New York Times.

Background reading:

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Don’t Fall For Apocalyptic Election Hype (Ep 1892) The Dan Bongino Show 10 Nov 15:23
In this episode, I address the BS narratives being pushed by the lib media about the Election. I also address Biden’s doubling down on insanity in that press conference yesterday. News Picks: Biden goes after Elon Musk from the bully pulpit. The GOP made major gains among Latino voters. Oregon is leading the way with their new gun confiscation measure. This will spread across...
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The Moth Radio Hour: The Moth StorySLAM The Moth 14 Dec 03:37

In this hour we’ll travel around the country to hear stories from our live open mic StorySLAM events: Louisville, Kentucky; San Francisco; Burlington, Vermont; Portland, Oregon; as well as the birthplace of the Moth StorySlam, New York City. Hosted by The Moth's Senior Director Meg Bowles. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Hosted by:...

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My Unsung Hero: Jackie Briggs' Story Hidden Brain 08 Oct 14:05

My Unsung Hero is here! We're excited to share one of the first episodes of our new podcast. Episode one features listener Jackie Briggs from Portland, Oregon. In 2006, a stranger noticed an unusual mark on Jackie's arm, and realized something was wrong.

You can subscribe to My Unsung Hero here.

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The Heat Wave That Hit the Pacific Northwest The Daily 14 Jul 09:45

The heat wave that hit the usually cool and rainy American Pacific Northwest was a shock to many — Oregon and Washington were covered by a blanket of heat in the triple digits.

After the temperatures soared, a group of scientists quickly came together to answer a crucial question: How much is climate change to blame?

Guest: Henry Fountain, a climate change reporter for...

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About Those Fireworks With Geraldo Last Night (Ep 1525) The Dan Bongino Show 20 May 15:35
In this episode, I discuss the blow up with Geraldo last night. I also address proof that liberals don’t know much, and what they “know” is wrong. News Picks: Survey finds conservative media viewers are more informed on important topics. The government’s “emergency powers” myth. Biden cancels a US pipeline while backing a Russian pipeline. Trump absolutely destroys the tyrannical NY AG in response...
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