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Sarah Mc Cammon

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Whose House? Trump's House. The NPR Politics Podcast 25 Feb 04:33
Former President Donald Trump won the South Carolina Republican primary race in former governor Nikki Haley's own backyard. Trump won about 60 percent of the vote, answering the question--can Haley win at home?
This episode: White House correspondent Asma Khalid, presidential campaign correspondent Danielle Kurtzleben, and presidential campaign reporter Sarah McCammon.
Our producers are Jeongyoon Han, Casey Morell & Kelli Wessinger. Our...
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The Battle For The Base The NPR Politics Podcast 23 Feb 21:07
The South Carolina Republican primary is tomorrow. Former President Donald Trump is favored to win, but the contest will test how much appetite remains for a different Republican nominee. And how Republicans are reacting to last week's Alabama Supreme Court ruling that embryos created through IVF, are children under a state law.
This episode: political correspondent Susan Davis, presidential campaign correspondent Sarah McCammon,...
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Let The Veepstakes Begin The NPR Politics Podcast 19 Feb 20:44
For most Republicans, it's former president Donald Trump who will be running mate. We break down what makes a good VP candidate, and who might be on the list.
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ICYMI: Politics News From The Week The NPR Politics Podcast 16 Feb 21:22
This week, former President Donald Trump got a court date for his first criminal trial. Lawmakers take another swing at Ukraine aid and we look at swatting, the growing hoax trend.
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Can Harris Assuage European Allies' Fears In Munich? The NPR Politics Podcast 15 Feb 20:55
Vice President Kamala Harris is in Germany this week for the Munich Security Conference. Harris is tasked with reassuring European allies the U.S. remains committed to their safety.
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N.Y. Dems Flip House Seat The NPR Politics Podcast 14 Feb 20:55
Former Rep. Tom Suozzi won his House seat back in a special election Tuesday. The office was left vacant by disgraced Republican congressman George Santos. Dems wondering what this could mean for November races.
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Foreign Policy Has Entered The Chat The NPR Politics Podcast 13 Feb 20:20
The South Carolina Republican primary is less than two weeks away. Both candidates are talking foreign policy. Nikki Haley, the former UN Ambassador under former President Trump, brings that experience to this debate.
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Who's In Charge Here? The NPR Politics Podcast 12 Feb 22:18
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is at odds with his colleagues about what the party's priorities are. Speaker Mike Johnson is dwindling within his own after bringing a bill to the floor without enough votes to pass it. Who is really leading congressional Republicans?
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Biden Fights Back The NPR Politics Podcast 09 Feb 22:08
President Biden shared choice words with reporters after being criticized for his age and mental acuity. Earlier in the day the special counsel who found Biden willfully retained but his actions did not warrant criminal charges described the president as a ''well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory"
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Why Nevada Has A Primary AND A Caucus Next Week The NPR Politics Podcast 01 Feb 21:41
Republican voters in Iowa have two presidential nominating contests next week. Sarah McCammon, Ashley Lopez and Domenico Montanaro explain why.
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