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Taylor Swift

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Arch-rivals Liverpool and Man United set up FA Cup showdown The Daily Football Briefing 29 Feb 03:00
Liverpool and Manchester United book an FA Cup showdown. Carl Anka watched United scrape through against Forest while James Pearce saw Klopp's kids prove they are more than alright. James also brings us up to speed on Liverpool's search for a Sporting Director. Chelsea made life difficult for themselves against Leeds. We tell you why Taylor Swift is causing Real Madrid to move their...
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The State of A.I. + Will Perplexity Beat Google or Destroy the Web? Hard Fork 16 Feb 10:00
A year ago, a chatbot tried to break up Kevin Roose’s marriage. Ever since, chatbots haven’t been the same. We’ll talk through the latest ways the world is adapting to artificial intelligence. And finally, Aravind Srinivas, the chief executive of Perplexity, will discuss his company”s “answer engine”
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Middle East Escalation, Senate Immigration Bill, Grammy Awards Up First 05 Feb 11:35
The U.S. carried out more strikes on Iranian-backed groups as Secretary Antony Blinken heads to the Middle East. The Senate unveiled a $118 billion bipartisan Immigration bill meant to address national security at home and abroad, but House Republicans say it's dead on arrival. And, torrential rainfall in Los Angles, California didn't stop Taylor Swift from making history winning her 4th Album of the...
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The Sunday Story: Tiny Desk, Big Stage Up First 04 Feb 08:00
NPR's Tiny Desk has become a must-stop destination for music superstars. Today on The Sunday Story host Ayesha Rascoe talks to senior producer Bobby Carter about the Tiny Desk series.
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The Taylor Swift Super Bowl Conspiracy Theory The NPR Politics Podcast 02 Feb 21:04
This episode: White House correspondent Asma Khalid, political correspondent Susan Davis, national political correspondent Don Gonyea. Taylor Swift has been a mainstay at the Kansas City Chiefs games cheering on her boyfriend Travis Kelce. Now far-right Donald Trump-supporting conservatives are circulating conspiracy theories about Swift.
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Taylor Swift and the unbearable whiteness of girlhood Code Switch 31 Jan 08:00
Taylor Swift has become an American icon, (and she's got the awards, sales, and accolades to prove it) With that status, she's often been celebrated as someone whose music is authentically representing the interior lives of young women and adolescent girls. On this episode, we're asking: Why? What is it about Swift's persona that feels so deeply connected to girlhood? And, because this is...
The Athletic NBA Show logo
Explosive Offense + Taylor Swift w/ Wosny Lambre The Athletic NBA Show 30 Jan 21:45
The Ringer's Wosny Lambre returns to Hoops Adjacent, joining David Aldridge and Marcus Thompson to discuss whether the NBA has a scoring problem, Embiid missing games, and Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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Shocking New David Dobrik Allegations, Barstool vs Taylor Swift - Off The Rails #88 H3 Podcast 05 Oct 01:40
Today we discuss a shocking new development in the David Dobrik/Jeff Wittek saga, a Barstool podcast making some disturbing comments on Taylor Swift (sound the war horns), Jidion becomes a born again Christian, we discuss faith, Ethan orders lunch, and much more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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How Mapmaking Can Tilt The Balance In Congress The NPR Politics Podcast 15 Sep 19:42
Congressional redistricting in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and New York may give Democrats a chance to win more seats in the House of Representatives. We explore why. Then, bidding farewell to Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), and saying hello to Taylor Swift.
H3 Podcast logo
Olivia Explains Taylor Swift's BF Drama, King Charles' Sausage Fingers, MrBeast - H3TV #76 H3 Podcast 09 May 17:39
On this episode of H3TV Ethan & the crew discuss MrBeast's strange new video, Olivia breaks down the new Taylor Swift boyfriend drama, and we take a look at King Charles' massive sausage fingers! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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