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by Sean Morrow

A podcast dedicated to photographers and creatives seeking inspiration from the stories and journeys taken by other creatives and small business owners.

Copyright: Sean Morrow


JOLIJN SNIJDERS & navigating the psychological landscape of social media

1h 0m · Published 05 Apr 14:52

If you're into analogue/film photography then you're probably already familiar with my guest for this episode - if you're not, then it's time to leave that rock you've been living under and have a listen to this episode. Hailing from Eindhoven, Netherlands, Jolijn Snijders is a portrait and fashion photographer with a youthful and rebellious style to her work. Having shot for the likes of Calvin Klein , Adidas, Rolling Stone Italy and Dazed & Confused, Jolijn is a veteran in this industry and has re-introduced the analogue aesthetic to the forefront of fashion photography. In this episode we discuss her journey into the industry, her experiences shooting on big sets and how she has grown as an individual while building her career as a photographer. We also discuss the pressures of social media as a creative and how she manages her approach to platforms like Instagram.

Check out her IG: @jolijnsnijders and her full portfolio here:

A big thanks to Frank Sens @yskid_beats for his help with post production.

A 2020 compilation, some odd sources of inspiration and a short narration

1h 6m · Published 14 Jan 11:20

To mark the beginning of the new year, I've put together a compilation of highlights from my various guests on this podcast from 2020. I also talk about some less conventional sources of inspiration and I also narrate my most recent essay about The North Face x Gucci collaboration. 

DAVID GRAY & creating a visual language for Finisterre

1h 27m · Published 21 Nov 23:53

My guest for this Episode is David Gray who is the Head of Creative for Finisterre, a pioneering outdoor brand inspired by a love of the ocean and anchored in exceptional product. We take a deep dive into David's humble roots as a young and ambitious photographer and graphic designer who swapped the big city life for coastal living, where he made his mark as chief creative for Finisterre. Since joining the team in 2006, the brand has matured into a leading cold water surf and adventure brand with strong core values of sustainability and community. It was their shooting campaigns of vagabond coastal living and surf adventure photos that really attracted me to the brand and to David's own personal photographic style. I really enjoyed our chat and there are lots of great pieces of advice for photographers, graphic designers and anyone looking to build their own brand. Hope you enjoy!

MOYA PALK & life on the other side of the camera

39m · Published 28 Sep 12:08

Moya Palk is a fashion model who has been featured in campaigns for several of the top fashion brands including Prada, British Vogue, Zara, Uniqlo and Charlotte Tilbury. She is also the co-founder of Models Empowered which is a podcast and online resource for supporting new faces in the modelling industry. In this episode we discuss her entry into the industry, the benefits and challenges associated with being a fashion model and what photographers can do to get the best out of the model on a shoot. Moya's instagram is @_moyap_ and be sure to check out her podcast Models Empowered on spotify and on instagram @models_empowered. 

MATT BEN STONE & the world of commercial sports photography

50m · Published 06 Sep 21:26

Matt Ben Stone joins me for this week's episode of Sticky Rice. Matt is an international, award winning, commercial sports photographer whose clientele include Redbull, Vita Coco, McLaren Automotive and Kalf Apparel. We discuss a variety of topics including how he approaches his photoshoots, how he got started with photography, how to mitigate against risk on a photoshoot, how he deals with his competitors and the importance of networking in the industry. You can check out his work at and his instagram is @mattbenstone.

MEGAN BREUKELMAN & the importance of nurturing relationships in your photography business

46m · Published 11 Aug 10:02

In this episode I chat to Megan Breukelman, a Brooklyn-based photographer and educator with experience in the fashion industry and, more recently, has taken the wedding industry by storm. She also hosts her own podcast called the Photo Opp Podcast. One of her many strengths is marketing, and we take a deep dive into some of the strategies she uses when it comes to promoting and growing her own business. You can check her work on her website

SOLO EPISODE - Be Quick or Be Dead

9m · Published 14 Jul 11:44

This is just a short solo episode where give a quick update and read my most recent blog post 'Behind The Photo #6 - Be Quick or Be Dead'. You can read the article yourself and check out the photos I talk about here. 

OLIVIA BOSSERT & how to build the fashion photography career of your dreams

51m · Published 25 May 20:20

This week's guest is Olivia Bossert is a fashion photographer with over 10 years' experience in the industry and has shot campaigns for brands including Barbour, Joules, Crew Clothing, and White Stuff. She also has a side business where she shares her trade secrets on how to pitch to the clients you want to work for through her educational courses. She also hosts a fantastic podcast called IT STARTS WITH A CLICK where she gives some of her best advice on how to make your photography business work for you. In this episode we talk about how she landed her first paid job, how to be better at making and managing your money, how to handle the emotional ups and downs of being a fashion photographer, her thoughts on Tik Tok and other great things. Click on these links to learn more about Olivia @oliviabossert. The photograph of Olivia for the episode cover art was kindly provided by Olivia.

MEGAN HEMSWORTH & the charms of shooting in the Cornish Seas

36m · Published 19 May 12:41

In this week's episode of Sticky Rice I had a chat with ocean and surf photographer Megan Hemsworth. She's an amazing talent and we had a really interesting talk about her professional and creative journey and we touched on a number of things including her experience studying photography at Uni, what some of her challenges are, what her sources of inspiration are and how she approaches a photo shoot in the surf when working with a brand or an individual client. If you'd like to check out her work head over to her website at or @meganhemsworth on Instagram.

FREDERICK M & looking your Sunday best

1h 8m · Published 11 May 12:31

I first came into contact with Freddie through 'Beginning Film' a small business he and his partner founded that sources film cameras from Japan direct to customers. He sourced my Pentax 67 and it was through this camera sourcing experience that I discovered Freddie's work as a fashion photographer and creative consultant. He has shot for many big brands including GQ japan, Hypebeast and Adidas and has a really distinctive style of photography that's quite reminiscent of the 80s and 90s supermodel high end fashion era. In the interview we talk about his southern roots and his journey to becoming an established fashion photographer and how his early experiences as a kid dressing in his Sunday best helped fuel his creativity within fashion. Freddie also kindly provided the photo for this episode's cover art. His website is and his IG is @kannjikilledswag. You can also find out more about his camera sourcing business at

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