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Blow Me A Kiss

by Ashley & Natalie

Why don’t we listen to our own advice? Well, maybe it’s finally time, and this is the podcast that makes it happen! Welcome to Blow Me A Kiss, we are your hosts Ashley and Natalie, two lifetime friends who love to push the envelope about sex, dating and everything in between. We love to dish, divulge and laugh! We hope sharing our experiences reminds us all that we are not alone and laughter really is the best medicine! So join us on this joy ride, follow us now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you enjoy your shows.

Copyright: 2021, Ashley & Natalie, All Rights Reserved


Ep. 18 - Cowboy Up Baby!

37m · Published 14 Mar 08:30
The party is lit this week! GOVERNATOR DeSantis is back! SECRET SURPRISE! Talking about sex per usual. Latin - NOMEN EST OMEN- you are your name. Why do you think they came up with “Karen” it’s because they all exude the same persona and the same with Jennifer, Sara or Sarah… Take a moment and laugh at the fact you know someone with YOUR name, and has the same personality. I definitely can laugh when I compare people with the same name! Listen and get in touch for incredible hair care even if you don’t have it!! Toxic Masculinity is THE SEZZY BEZT! Laugh and enjoy this surprise [email protected]

Ep. 17 - Come And Run With The Bulls With A Red Flag!

41m · Published 22 Feb 13:57
What are your red flags in a relationship? Do you offer forgiveness to the person because you really like them? Non negotiable circumstances that you may have experienced in past relationships, would you be willing to overlook one circumstance because you have more chemistry with that person? Bill Murray quotes, and the best GOVERNATOR - not Arnold Schwarzenegger- but Jason DeSantis gives great input about being a strong, masculine man in todays world of dating; Ladies, hands off! How many of you would love to live separately from your partner? The million dollar question…. Why do older people start sleeping in separate bedrooms? Do daily habits of your significant other drive you nuts? How to you ignore someone honking a nose trumpet? Keep your first dates about embracing the sexy, mysterious side… don’t talk about your kids!!!

Ep. 16 - Heartbreaker You Got The Best Of Me….

25m · Published 14 Feb 08:09
But we keep on coming back incessantly. Is it the scent of a man or a woman at makes you fall for them? Do pheromones work? Is sex more mental than physical? How do you fill your bucket to be happy in general, therefore happy in all relationships. Stimulating all the senses!

Blow a kiss with [email protected]

Ep. 15 - Some Like It Hot...

47m · Published 07 Feb 08:30

We have Mr. DeSantis and LBR (Laurie Beth Robbins) what a perfect combo! The intensity with this duo is thru the roof! We discuss some extremely valid points! Blow Me A Kiss has had a lot of our listeners ask for a man’s opinion, so, you asked and we delivered! Who is more likely to be a cheater in a relationship and what causes us to cheat? Enjoy this episode, it really wets your whistle! And don’t forget to email us with your sultry [email protected]

Ep. 14 - Stop Overthinking and Start Winning!

47m · Published 24 Jan 20:44

Getting in your head can really bang you up - and others as well. This explains how communication is key to a successful relationship that lasts, and how to win the final rose when you don’t see anyone else. Feeding your plant and never forgetting about it. Attention is so important and reminding your lover every single day about how thankful you are of them.

Ep. 13 - The Girl Can Always Get The Guy…. But Can She Get The Guy To Stay?

51m · Published 18 Jan 02:54

It’s audition in Hollywood. You make the cut in casting and it’s down to a final few, what makes you steal the show? How do we do this in a modern day life, make a lasting impression on someone where they can’t stop thinking about you. You’re running thru their mind literally and figuratively day and night. YES…… keep that mind jogging 24/7 kissers. Imagination is divine. Let’s explore the world together no judging. Pucker up babies.

Ep. 12 - Pretty Woman vs. Two Can Play that Game

27m · Published 09 Jan 23:52

Fascination with lips. Is there anything more alluring than lips supple and soft and feel like velvet when you kiss them. So many untold pleasures synonymous with style, sex, icons and even scandal. Why do DOMS use dark red lipstick? Regardless if they’re pursed or provocatively parted lips or biting one side of your lip when you gaze into each others eyes. Specifically tells a man you want him.Lips have undeniable visual power and lipstick is just the icing on the cake! There is a fascination with lips and the myriad of ways they’ve been depicted in paintings films and photography and also when you meet somebody like Natalie who always says to females you have a beautiful mouth!!! I’ve never heard her say that to a man! It happens to be the first thing she notices!the first thing I notice is the eyes and the teeth so it is a lot about the mouth in general. If somebody has bad teeth do you think that is an absolute no?

Plus...ear sucking - Ashley got a man to worship her by sucking on his ear! Got questions? Email us - [email protected]

Ep. 11 - A Man’s Ego is More Sensitive Than A Woman’s Heart

42m · Published 03 Jan 14:38

Why are men so intimidated to approach a beautiful woman? Assuming that she is taken or are they afraid of rejection? Nothing worse than a bruised ego. We answer lots of questions about fetishes and wonder if Donald Trump really invited us to Palm Beach? Why do they say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but it’s really not true. As we get older it becomes so challenging to meet your match because we know what we “think” we want. Lots of things to ponder in this episode! We can’t wait to answer more of your questions, keep the emails [email protected]

Ep. 10 - Who Would You Striptease To?

43m · Published 20 Dec 01:46

Planes,trains and automobiles! What is it that takes your breath away? Almost a second take on reality. Looking in the mirror with pure honest desire. Let's open up as one and become the best we can be!

Ep. 9 - Two White Girls and a Latina Walked Into A Room…

40m · Published 12 Dec 17:00

What is the difference dating nationalities different to your own? What are your experiences with dating a white girl versus a Latina!? When is it time to solidify a relationship (get the fuck off the dating apps!). Tune in to this episode as we host the one and only, The comedian, MARIZA BRUSSOLO! We talk about how everything is mental (again) and ALTER EGOS! The man whisperer, (Ashley) gives one of her priceless tips! She will be giving one whisper on each podcast, so be sure you listen for it! Email us [email protected] be whispered to!!

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