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by Bloomberg

Our editors bring you the most interesting reporting from this week in the world of business, finance, tech, and politics.

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27m · Published 14 May 22:09

DNA testing didn't turn out to be the panacea we were promised decades ago, but that's OK—unless you're 23andMe. By Kristen V. Brown

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Tesla's Nordic Rebellion

23m · Published 25 Apr 19:45

As unions take on Elon Musk, a small Swedish strike has big stakes

By Anders Melin and Jonas Ekblom

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35m · Published 15 Apr 17:41

Criminal gangs are posing as flirty girls on Instagram and Snapchat to torment high school boys, drain their bank accounts and push them to the edge.
By Olivia Carville

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How Matzo Is Made

8m · Published 10 Apr 20:02

At Streit’s matzo factory, production follows strict Jewish law. But the meaning of the Passover staple is still up for debate. By Deena Shanker

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Bluey, Take a Bow

31m · Published 02 Apr 23:28

The Australian kids’ show has swept the world. But its future is in doubt

By Devin Leonard

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An Empire Divided

21m · Published 19 Mar 23:02

General Electric was in dire straits. The only way to save America’s quintessential
conglomerate was to break it up. By Brooke Sutherland & Ryan Beene

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The Vincuñas and the $9,000 Sweater

14m · Published 13 Mar 20:30

Thirty years of providing the world's finest wool to the fashion house Loro Piana has done almost nothing for the indigenous people of the Peruvian Andes.

By Marcelo Rochabrun

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Everywhere All at Once

28m · Published 21 Feb 23:21

A24 has an indie cult following and a $2.5 billion valuation. Can the film company scale its brand of hipster cringe?

By Felix Gillette

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Can AI Unlock the Secrets of the Ancient World?

23m · Published 06 Feb 23:19

Almost 2,000 years ago, a volcano preserved Herculaneum’s vast library of
scrolls but left them unreadable. A volunteer army of nerds has been racing
to decipher them. By Ashlee Vance and Ellen Huet

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That New Contract Smell

32m · Published 24 Jan 00:53

Fresh off his historic victory in Detroit, UAW chief Shawn Fain is taking on Elon Musk, Donald Trump and labor’s green future.

By Josh Eidelson and Gabrielle Coppola

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