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MAICON Speaker Series

by Evergreen Podcasts

Hosted by Paul Roetzer, founder of Marketing AI Institute and creator of the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON), the MAICON Speaker Series features insights from our speakers—all interviewed live onsite. This podcast is designed to help marketing leaders understand, pilot and scale AI in their organizations. You can sit back and wait for the marketing world to get smarter and change around you, or you can embrace AI now and be proactive in creating a competitive advantage for yourself and your company. Tune in to get started with marketing AI.

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A Look Beyond: The Next Frontier in Marketing

17m · Published 04 Mar 10:00
For this final episode, Paul Roetzer interviewed two experts on the future of marketing including Tameka Vasquez (@tameka_vasquez), Assistant Vice President, Marketing Lead, Genpact, and David Meerman Scott (@dmscott), Marketing Strategist. During the episode, the experts discuss how AI can make us better professionals .... and even better people.

How to Integrate Voice Assistance into Your Marketing

13m · Published 26 Feb 10:00
In this episode, Paul Roetzer interviews Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel), founder of Six Pixels Group. He chats with Mitch about why voice is a must-have for every marketing program, plus tips to develop a strong voice strategy.

How to Get Started with Marketing AI—Specifically with Content and Email

19m · Published 07 Feb 15:00
In this episode, Paul Roetzer interviews Loren McDonald (@LorenMcDonald), Program Director, Marketing Research at Acoustic (formerly IBM Watson Marketing) and Mike Kaput (@MikeKaput), Director of the Marketing AI Institute. He chats with the two AI experts about how to use AI to optimize email and content programs for success.

What Is Marketing AI? Plus, Positioning Your Team for Success

18m · Published 27 Jan 14:57
In this episode, Paul interviews Karen Hao, senior AI reporter for MIT Technology Review, and Cal Al-Dhubaib, chief data scientist at Pandata, regarding the boundaries of AI and how marketers can get started now.

Coming Soon: Live Interviews from the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON)

2m · Published 16 Jan 19:53
While onsite at MAICON 2019, we chatted with top experts in the field to better understand marketing artificial intelligence. Tune in for smart insights on how you can get started with marketing AI today.

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