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A Story in the making of an Individual.

Hosted by Mc SaabiiBoi & Da Angryone

The idea of Chapters is centred on the search to understand an individual. It will be ten-episode per series Podcast, aimed at providing opportunities for guests to share stories, moments or life events that they feel have shaped who they are, memorable experiences that acted as defining or pivotal moments in either their careers or personal journeys. These experiences, or Chapters, may not reflect what the guest is working on at the moment, but should reflect what has helped them become who they are.

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S4E04 - "See it more from the outside".Death Experience & more - Chapters Podcast with Marcia

1h 2m · Published 31 Jan 19:00

Marcia's journey from the tranquil Highlands of Scotland to the pulsating heart of London's music scene marks a profound shift in her musical evolution. In London, she discovered her passion for R&B, a genre that resonates deeply with her personal artistic expression. Years of dedicated music study and vocal refinement have culminated in her unique sound, characterized by exquisitely crafted melodies and sharp, poignant lyrics.

Drawing inspiration from an array of esteemed artists like Kehlani, Kiana Ledé, Summer Walker, Queen Naija, Kali Claire, and the legendary Amy Winehouse, Marcia has developed a style that is both personal and universally relatable.

S4E03 - "I definitely want to make a you can do it song"- Chapters Podcast with Grimm Dreamurr

1h 13m · Published 29 Jan 08:00

Grimm Dreamurr is an 19 year old Singer, Rapper, Producer from West London! He's been singing for 11 years and rapping for 8 years he loves making music and does so to share his gift with all that are there to listen. He spells his name with a "U R R" because he says "If I'm a dreamer, you are two". Hopefully after you hear some of his music you'll be able to leave this space understanding a chapter of his life.

S4E02- Optimisim in the future. Healing Myself - Chapters Podcast with Josh Robinson

1h 1m · Published 07 Jan 14:00

Josh Robinson, a Brighton and London based Singer Songwriter. Josh has been a full time musician/busker for 10 years (since the age of 14). Josh usually plays in Churchill Square, under the London Eye, and inside some of the busiest train stations. He likes to write songs about life growing up and normal struggles every person has.

His main aim with his music is to get more people talking about their mental health. Josh thinks alot of people, especially young men keep things in too much. Josh has just finished releasing his first EP 'That Side Of The Wall' and has just started releasing my second EP 'If I Wanted'. Josh is organising his own shows around Brighton, London and Hertfordshire.

He hopes his music opens up a conversation about how hard it is to suffer in silence

S4E01 - "She's a real one"- Chapters Podcast with Nina Rose

1h 10m · Published 06 Jan 14:00

Introducing Nina Rose: The Rising Star Bringing the Rhythm of Afrobeats to the World
- Nina Rose, an exciting new talent in the music industry, is making waves with her unique blend of Afro-inspired beats and captivating melodies. With her infectious energy and soulful vocals, Nina Rose is poised to become a prominent figure in the Afrobeats genre.

Hailing from London with Jamaican and Ghanaian heritage,Nina Rose has always been deeply passionate about music. Drawing inspiration from African rhythms and her own life experiences, she effortlessly infuses her songs with heartfelt emotions and relatable stories that resonate with listeners worldwide.

Backed by a team of experienced producers and songwriters, Nina Rose has crafted a distinct sound that seamlessly infuses elements of Afro-pop, Afro-dancehall, and R&B. Her music embodies a fusion of vibrant beats, catchy hooks, and powerful lyrics, creating a sonic experience that transports audiences to a world of joy and celebration.

Nina Rose's next single “FOLLOW” , has already garnered significant attention from both fans and industry insiders. Its infectious rhythm, paired with Nina Rose's enchanting vocals, has propelled her into the spotlight, gaining recognition for her talent and potential. Listeners have praised her ability to effortlessly blend modern, international sounds with traditional African influences, making her music accessible and enjoyable to a diverse range of audiences.

As a trailblazer in the Afrobeats scene, Nina Rose is determined to use her platform to not only entertain but also inspire and empower others. Her music pays homage to her roots while embracing a global perspective, creating a unique bridge between cultures and promoting unity. Through her music, Nina Rose aims to spread love, positivity, and a celebration of diversity.
Nina Rose is currently working on her highly anticipated debut EP, set to release later this year. With her talent, charisma, and dedication to her craft, she is poised to make a significant impact on the industry and captivate the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

S3E017 - Redefining a Genre.Classical Pop,UK & More- Chapters Podcast with Matt Kent & Liv Lester

1h 27m · Published 15 Dec 20:00

Matt Kent is leaving his mark on the music industry by fusing Classical and Pop genres to make a sound that's all his own. His series "Turning Classical Music into Pop Songs" on TikTok has amassed over 40 million views and over 300,000 followers. In 2019, Kent caught the attention of Grammy-nominated music producer Dante Lattanzi, who signed him to his management company Caelum Music Production. The following year, legendary UK radio host Chris Evans discovered Kent and invited him to open for James Bay at CarFest South for over 40,000 people. “Lacrimosa”, A single released by Matt Kent in 2021, is currently at nine million streams and climbing. Matt Kent is in collaboration with pianist and songwriter Liv Lester, known for her detailed arrangements and clean sound. Kent and Lester met in 2015 while studying classical music in New York and have since performed at legendary venues across the United States and Europe.

Liv Lester is a pianist and songwriter from New York who is currently based in London. Liv uses her classical training to compose original songs and piano arrangements that are intricate and emotive. Lester is inspired by various genres of music including film scores, classical, musical theatre, rock, and pop music. Her appreciation for all things music has led her to be the multi-faceted musician she is today. Liv Lester studied piano in New York City where she met Matt Kent. The pair combine their passion and training to create a sound that is completely unique. Since moving to London, Lester has been featured at some of the most renowned venues in the UK such as Ronnie Scotts, The Bedford, and Virgin Radio with Chris Evans.

S3E016 - Leap of Faith - Being a BV, Paloma Faith, Family & More. Chapters Podcast with Janelle Martin - Cousins

1h 15m · Published 14 Dec 09:00

This week we sit down with the one and only Janelle Martin - Cousins.

Janelle is a singer and songwriter hailing from south London. Janelle grew up in a household filled with music. Gospel music was always at the heart of the home. Janelle started song writing at the age of 14 and began to work the UK music circuit performing at all the London music nights.

After taking some time out to study, Janelle joined pop artist Paloma Faith's live band in 2011.
She began touring globally and this has opened the door for Janelle to work alongside many household names. From Grace Jones to Gary Barlow.
Janelle is currently working on an EP which will be her first ever release. Janelle is looking forward to implementing everything she has learned from the music industry over the years into her own career. Watch this Space

S3E015 - Musical Conversations. Discovering sides of me & more - Chapters Podcast with Sachellys

1h 16m · Published 22 Nov 20:00

Sachellys’ diverse background has led the singer-songwriter to create a style of music that is equally unique as her soulful vocals. Born in Colombia, but raised in London, Sachellys has developed an eclectic taste in music due to her parent’s interest in Latin music and her siblings/community interest in modern genres such as R&B and hip-hop.

Her sound and energy embodies the Salsa veterans she listened to growing up such as Celia Cruz and Grupo Niche. Likewise inspiration comes from modern day vocalists such as Chris Brown and Kali Uchis, allowing Sachellys to organically forge her own, often bilingual blend. A natural talent, she is able to make commercial club records, whilst easily switching gears to create the timeless tunes you want to cruise around to.

Her debut single “Could You Be” was released in early 2019 and landed her a spot at a local Pride Festival that year. In 2021, she released the hit single “Pa Mi” and “Quien Fue”, which has gotten her recognition by many music industry power players. Her debut EP is set to release in 2024, combining R&B vocals, with the soul of reggaeton and afrobeats. Sachellys is bringing an authentic sound to the table no other artist can replicate and translate it into a solid fan base that is sure to grow even further

S3E014 Pantofactor & Paninis - Plymouth,Drama School, Abbey Road studios & More - Chapters Podcast with RONNIEE

1h 24m · Published 15 Nov 23:00

Ronniee started her music career back in 2012. She was asked to write an original piece for the UKs no1 tribute to one direction (Only one Direction)which was performed on their UK tour and in London’s West End Garrick theatre.

Ronniee has been featured on BBC Introducing several times and was involved in a BBC Introducing take over session in Devon. Ronniee had performed in some iconic venues including Ronnie Scotts and London’s 02. Ronniee is currently writing and releasing music for herself and other artists.

Ronniee is currently working on an album and has upcoming releases in 2023 with DRKMODE, Luminn, Amsterdam Trance Records and many more to follow. Ronniee currently works at Abbey Road Studios making tea!

S3E013 - Reinvention of RnB, BGT Semifinalist, Afrornb & More - Chapters Podcast with Natalie Okri

1h 34m · Published 02 Nov 20:00

Natalie Okri is a British Born multitalented 24-year-old musician with a rich African heritage that shines through in her electric music style. As a singer-songwriter and all-around musical powerhouse, Natalie's genre-bending sound incorporates elements of Afro pop and RnB Her exceptional talent has earned her collaborations with an impressive roster of artists, including Backroad Gee, Darko, Oxlade, Ramz, Sneakbo to name a few. Natalie Okri has also opened up for Major acts such as Tion Wayne at the Birmingham Arena and Afrobeat star BNXN (Buju) at the 02 Arena.

Natalie's musical journey began at the young age of five, and by 10, she was already signed to Syco Entertainment by none other than Simon Cowell after placing third in the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent in 2009, alongside legends like Susan Boyle and Diversity. Her electrifying performance has garnered over 100 million views on YouTube, making it the 6th most watched audition of all time. Also she recently appeared on itv this Morning show.

Natalie draws inspiration from musical icons such as Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Michael Jackson, and her natural musical talent has been evident from the very beginning. With her impressive range and undeniable star power, Natalie is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

S3E012 - From Skatepark to stardom. Busking, breakups & More - Chapters Podcast with Jack Evans

1h 17m · Published 19 Oct 13:00

Jack Evans is an upcoming, charming musician who is able to have even the smallest of venues bustling with excitement. As a Shropshire based musician, Jack takes pride in giving his all to every performance and is always looking to bring in a crowd. Though self taught, his ingenious use of loop pedals and striking, plucky riffs allow him to bring imaginative, original variations to a range of different genres. Due to his versatility, Jack can take on both a variety of songs and venues, making him a musician capable to get even the most reluctant dancers on their feet!

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