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Cooking in Real Time

by Zora ONeill

A podcast for practical kitchens


Travel Episode 4: All About Saffron (Recipe: Chard Stems with Saffron and Cream)

23m · Published 16 Mar 02:04
This week I do a little brain dump about saffron, a treasured ingredient that feels fitting for spring. How to buy, what to cook with it, and so on. Plus an easy saffron recipe. Ambient noise of the week: subway. … Continue reading

Travel Episode 3: Quick Koosa Mahshi (Syrian Stuffed Squash…That’s Not Stuffed)

42m · Published 28 Feb 03:10
Your host is a little spaced out this week, but luckily it’s a quick and easy meal, learned from a Syrian doctor and single mom: a fast way to get all the satisfying flavor of much more labor-intensive stuffed squash. … Continue reading

Travel Episode 2: Turkish Eggplant and Green Peppers, plus Yogurt-Cucumber Salad

13m · Published 13 Feb 23:38
A short episode, for a very simple but surprisingly satisfying vegetable dish, optionally made heartier with lentils. From the Aegean coast of Turkey — but, honestly, from the Turkish Airlines inflight magazine! Eat as a side dish, or as a … Continue reading

Travel Episode 1: Egyptian Koshari

48m · Published 31 Jan 03:37
Cooking for virtual travel, starting with a little trip to Egypt through koshari, a combo of rice, lentils and pasta, topped with a tangy tomato sauce and crispy fried onions. It’s hearty and nourishing, with garlicky zing. No sides this … Continue reading

Quarantine Episode 8: Pie Crust and Quiche

57m · Published 25 May 03:37
A bit of a hybrid episode, focusing mostly on how to make a pie crust, plus a little about quiche. There’s a lot of misinformation in pie crust tips and recipes — this episode covers all I’ve learned in three … Continue reading

Quarantine Episode 7: Moroccan-Style Lentils and Raw Beet Salad

42m · Published 12 May 04:10
Lentils with Moroccan spices are incredibly good and simple, and they stand up to a lot of substitutions. Alongside, a raw beet salad makes a sweet, crunchy counterpoint. Sound quality on this is pretty rough — our kitchen has been … Continue reading

Quarantine Episode 6: Pork Schnitzel with German Cucumber Salad and Some Potatoes

1h 13m · Published 04 May 07:35
Schnitzel, cutlets, tonkatsu, milanesa: thin, breaded pan-fried cuts of meat are fun to make. Serve with a sweet-creamy cucumber salad and buttery potatoes (TBH, a little bit of an afterthought!). Yes, this episode is a sonic nightmare, and we’re slipping … Continue reading

Quarantine Episode 5: Greek-Style Green Beans

23m · Published 26 Apr 19:50
A short episode focused just on the principle of ladhera — Greek-style ‘oil-cooked’ vegetables, especially green beans. A good side dish, or a simple, satisfying dinner with bread and cheese. NOT-Shopping List Fresh green beans Tomato of some kind (paste, … Continue reading

Quarantine Episode 4: Quick Greek Pita and Spring Salad

50m · Published 19 Apr 04:43
Alevropita is a quick baked pie with feta, done in about 20 minutes, and marouli salata (lettuce salad) is a very simple, very springy complement. Together it makes a good light dinner or lunch that comes together in less than … Continue reading

Quarantine Episode 3: All About Artichokes

20m · Published 12 Apr 00:02
A special short episode on the simplest and best way to prepare artichokes, which are in season now. Accidental music credit: Peter Moskos, practicing his autoharp downstairs. NOT-shopping list Globe artichokes Salt Vinegar Butter Mayonnaise Garlic Lemon juice Simplest and … Continue reading

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