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by Easy English SCS

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#58 - Back to School

3m · Published 24 Jul 19:38
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#57 - Working Holiday

4m · Published 18 Jul 15:19
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#56 - The Lost Treasure

3m · Published 29 May 23:05
Welcome to another exciting episode of our podcast! Today, we have a captivating story to share with you. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure as we dive into "The Lost Treasure." Sit back, relax, and let your imagination soar! Our story begins in a small coastal town called Portville. Our protagonist, Emily, stumbles upon an old and weathered map while exploring her grandfather's attic. Little does she know that this map holds the key to an incredible treasure. Fueled by curiosity and a thirst for adventure, Emily enlists the help of her best friend, Jake. Together, they decipher the cryptic clues on the map, leading them to ancient ruins deep in the jungle. Their journey is filled with obstacles, including treacherous terrain and hidden traps. As Emily and Jake delve deeper into the ruins, they discover a hidden chamber filled with ancient artifacts and inscriptions. It becomes clear that they are on the trail of a long-lost treasure, rumored to possess mystical powers. Along their perilous journey, Emily and Jake encounter various challenges that test their courage and wit. They must solve riddles, outsmart cunning adversaries, and navigate through treacherous passages. Each challenge brings them closer to the ultimate prize. Finally, Emily and Jake reach the heart of the ancient temple, where the fabled treasure is said to be hidden. But they are not alone. A rival treasure hunter, determined to claim the prize for themselves, confronts them. A thrilling battle of wits ensues as our heroes face their greatest obstacle yet. In a surprising turn of events, Emily and Jake outsmart their rival and uncover the long-lost treasure. As they gaze upon the glittering jewels and ancient artifacts, they realize that the true treasure lies not in the material wealth but in the unforgettable experiences and friendship forged throughout their incredible journey. the extraordinary tale of "The Lost Treasure." It reminds us that the greatest adventures are often found when we step outside our comfort zones and embrace the unknown. Thank you for joining us on this thrilling adventure today. We hope it sparked your imagination and filled you with a sense of wonder. Until next time!

#55 - Intercâmbio de Idiomas

4m · Published 17 Apr 23:00
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#54 - Easter Traditions!

4m · Published 13 Apr 22:50
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#53 - Por que a pronúncia é importante no inglês?

3m · Published 29 Mar 19:06
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#52 - The Environment

4m · Published 06 Mar 17:56
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#51 - Intercâmbio: Conheça o Au Pair

3m · Published 17 Feb 19:09
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#50 - Valentine’s Day

5m · Published 11 Feb 01:04
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#49 - Back to school

4m · Published 03 Feb 22:40
You can find our free agenda here: https://mailchi.mp/18af89f07315/5pl44jslh9

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