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Applied Theatre Podcast

by Tom Craig

Applied Theatre Podcast Hosted by Applied Performance maker Tom Craig (plus guests). Each episode features interviews with Applied Artists, Educators and Practitioners. Our mission is to create a community for Applied practitioners to share their practice and raise the profile of the work they produce. Latest episodes available on Apple/Spotify/Google Follow us on: YT/Twitter/instagram - appliedtheatrepod

Copyright: Title, Music and content Copyright Tom Craig 2020

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The podcast is hosted on Each episode is on average 49:18 long.


S01 E18 - Adrian Gardner / Producer - Outreach & Inclusion (Lyric Hammersmith, London).

Adrian shared with me his passion for people and producing theatre. After our conversation he made me realise great producing involves consideration for the people who both make and experience art. His passion for truthful authentic spaces outlines his approach to ensuring Outreach & Inclusion is genuine, exciting and provoking. Thank you Adrian for...Read more

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S01 E17 - Aaron Landsman and Mallory Catlett / The City We Make Together: City Council Meeting's Primer for Participation

Subscribe on Spotify, Apple & Google Podcasts and YouTube (w/subtitles) - Applied Theatre PodcastHonoured to have been approached to interview Aaron and Mallory about their new book, ‘The City We Make Together: City Council Meeting’s Primer For Participation’. The book explores their performance City Council Meeting which is just that! Using verbatim...Read more

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S01 E16 - Casey Bailey / Grime Boy & From This Soil.

Subscribe on Spotify, Apple & Google Podcasts and YouTube (w/subtitles) - Applied Theatre PodcastCasey & I discussed his journey. From where he started, the Birmingham raised Grime Emcee had aspirations of being Birmingham’s biggest and brightest act. Casey didn’t stop there. This conversation is littered with inspiration and a dive into the...Read more

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S01 E15 - Georgia Bowers / Applied Theatre and Older Adults

Subscribe on Spotify, Apple & Google Podcasts and Youtube (w/subtitles) - Applied Theatre PodcastInspiring conversation with Applied Theatre Researcher, Georgia Bowers. Her passion for Applied practice with older adults has contributed to her research ‘Applied Theatre and Older Adults: The Impact of Theatrical Engagement with Adults aged 65+’. ...Read more

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S01 E14 - Theatre Peckham / Phillippe Cato

Subscribe on Spotify, Apple & Google Podcasts and Youtube (w/subtitles) - Applied Theatre PodcastPeckham Fringe Festival @ Peckham Theatre from 2nd May - 5th June Peckham is an award-winning cultural venue for artistic excellence and social change. Through the power of...Read more

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S01 E13 - Dr Nicky Abraham & Victoria Ruddock

Subscribe on Spotify, Apple & Google Podcasts and Youtube (w/subtitles) - Applied Theatre PodcastIncredible conversation with Dr Nicola Abraham, (Senior Lecturer, Applied Theatre Practices, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama) and Victoria Ruddock, (Dementia Specialist Healthcare Support Worker, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust) detailing...Read more

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S01 E12 - Trybe House Theatre

I was joined by Philip, Chenube and Stefan to talk everything Trybe. ‘Trybe House Theatre is a newly formed company which seeks to actively build resilience and self-wellbeing, primarily with young black men aged 16- 25, using theatre as a supportive outlet’. Throughout the episode, I learned how Trybe formed, how they work and their approaches to...Read more

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S01 E11 - Rebecca Gadsby - Inside Theatre

‘The worlds first interactive Theatre App!’ - Inside Theatre are the company behind the superb app ‘inside Theatre’. Speaking with Creative Director, Rebecca Gadsby, who explained to me how the app works, who the app is for and why this technology is so great! You can download the App now @ Apple and Google Stores.

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David Allen - Dorothy Heathcote Now: International Conference

I got the opportunity to speak with the brilliant David Allen, Artistic Director of Midland Actors Theatre, ahead of their Dorothy Heathcote Now: International Conference. David, a true student of Dorothy’s practice shared with me all the information on the up and coming conference. Explaining ‘For some people think Dorothy Heathcote is part of the past....Read more

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S01 E09 - Martha Godber, (The Godber Theatre Foundation).

A conversation with Martha Godber, Founder of the Godber Theatre Foundation. The foundation aims to support Actors & Theatre creatives with their HE training. Whether supporting undergraduates with tuition, networking, or Actor essentials (headshots, spotlight), the foundation focuses intensely on championing future creatives from Hull and East...Read more

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