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Coffee With People (Life with COVID)

by Leslie Kehmeier

Coffee habits and stories from freelancers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and others connected with the outdoor adventure and travel industry.

Copyright: 2020 Coffee With COVID


Coffee With COVID #9: Danielle Schmieder

24m · Published 03 Apr 21:23

I had a chance to catch up with my Denver-based friend and colleague Danielle Schmeider last Friday. I got to know her early last year through a Root Adventures trip to the Baja in Mexico. We found that we have a commonpassion for fitness and good health. Since that adventure, Danielle has been a major inspiration for my training. I’ve become a convert to strength/cardio workouts, showing up regularly at Pearl Street Fitness, one of the gyms where she in an instructor.

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit close to home for Danielle, as her parents both battled the virus last month. Her dad had the worst of it, spending time in the ICU, on a ventilator. I am grateful to report that both of Danielle’s parents are ok now and doing well. She graciously shares the story in today's episode, walking us through the timeline and details of her parents experience with COVID.

Coffee With COVID #8: Louise Paulin

17m · Published 02 Apr 20:35

Louise Paulin, mountain bike guide, mom of two, and 2019 EWS Masters Champion is today's guest. She lives in a small village, five kilometers above the world-renowned outdoor destination of Finale Ligure, Italy. Even better than the riding is the coffee, something she's dreaming about well before morning.

Louise gives us a very honest perspective on what life is like presently in Italy. It hasn't been easy - things are strange. It's a heartbreaking situation for sure. Although locals are not allowed to go out and recreate, Louise is making the best of it - home-schooling her kids, yoga, meditation, and gardening. She emphasizes the best thing to do (which is what we can all do) is to take social distancing very seriously.

Enjoy this episode with Louise!

Coffee With COVID #7: Elladee Brown

13m · Published 01 Apr 18:55

I’m super excited for today’s episode with my very dear friend Elladee Brown. We share a love of coffee and adventure, among other things. In the last couple of years we’ve traveled a lot together, documenting bike-related stories around the world. No matter where we go, our approach is simple: go with wide eyes, big hearts, and plenty of good coffee. During our bikepacking adventure to Nepal, we each carried an Aero Press and plenty of fresh coffee for the 10-day odyssey.

These days Elladee’s big adventure is gardening in her backyard in North Vancouver, British Columbia while she, and the rest of the world, wait out the Coronavirus pandemic.Enjoy!

Coffee With COVID #6: Jan Marcaník

12m · Published 31 Mar 18:32

Today we travel across the Atlantic Ocean again, this time to the Czech Republic. You'll meet my friend Jan, who along with his business partner Radim, own Czech MTB Holidays. I first met them in 2017 when I joined my Knoxville friends on their inaugural tour. Last year I returned for another adventure - the riding in the Czech Republic is definitely underrated.

With the Coronavirus pandemic, business is currently at a standstill. Despite all of their tours being postponed for now, Jan, along with his clients are optimistic and looking forward to a time when the world moves on to its "new normal". In the meantime, Jan is enjoying extended time at home with his wife and young daughter.

Enjoy today's episode!

Coffee With COVID #5: Corie Spruill

17m · Published 30 Mar 15:38

We’re starting off the week with my good friend Corie Spruill - a portrait photographer from Moab, Utah. When Corie isn’t shooting, she’s riding her mountain bike somewhere in one of the world’s most beautiful and iconic destinations on the planet.

When the Coronavirus pandemic ramped up in the United States, Corie and I were on traveling together, working on my road trip project. As we turned Henry Tan Van around and headed back west towards home, we had plenty of time to discuss the current state of affairs. We also drank coffee and rode bikes, two things that kept us grounded along the way.

Coffee with COVID #4: Darco Cazin

14m · Published 27 Mar 22:10

Today’s episode takes us to the Swiss Alps and a small village named Pontresina. Here is where Allegra Tourismus is headquartered, a company that I collaborate with frequently during the summer work season. Darco Cazin is the founder of Allegra and a purist when it comes to coffee. He likes it black no matter where or when he’s drinking it.

While discussing the Coronavirus pandemic, Darco shared quite a few silver linings, especially having lots of time at home with his family. He also reflects on how this uncertain time is a huge opportunity for us as a society to take positive lessons learned with us into the future when we reach the new “normal”.

Selected Links

Allegra Tourismus

Bialetti Moka

Adventures on Bernina Pass - a story about a mountain bike shuttle day by trainin the Swiss Alps.

Coffee With COVID #3: Breanne Kiefner

14m · Published 26 Mar 19:22

I met Denverite and Whittier Cafe regular, Breanne Kiefner early last year through a mutual friend. We started working together in Baja which led to another trip to Ethiopia. Breanne owns and operates Root Adventures, an adventure travel company that connects like-mind people through travel. The Baja trip was my first experience on a women’s only travel adventure, which proved to be a transformative experience for me. When the opportunity came up to shoot her Ethiopia trip - it was a no-brainer. Breanne’s vision for people connecting and pushing their own boundaries through small group travel has been an amazing way to see for me to see part of the world. Enjoy episode 3 with Breanne!

Coffee With COVID #2: Beth Roberts

16m · Published 25 Mar 16:57

Beth Roberts is a good friend and one of my go-to purveyors of talent when it comes to taking photos for mountain bike brands. She lives in Moab, Utah and is a multi-day guide for Rim Tours. I met Beth a couple of years ago while shooting for Rim’s Grand Canyon - North Rim Trip. I discovered she’s cool as a cucumber and her dark humor kept my sides hurting for much of the trip. She also has innovative ideas for photos and makes a mean cup of coffee from Rim Tour’s signature American Press.

Enjoy this episode with Beth!

Welcome to Coffee With COVID: Leslie Kehmeier

6m · Published 24 Mar 20:22

The first episode of Coffee With COVID as host Leslie Kehmeier, an outdoor adventure and travel photographer, introduces a podcast that will shine a light on her network of fellow freelancers, small business owners and entrepreneurs in the outdoor adventure and travel industry.

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