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My Work In Progress

by Heidi Vega

This podcast is all about embracing our innate desire for growth while understanding that it is a process and not a destination. 💜 Support this podcast:

Copyright: Heidi Vega

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The podcast is hosted on Each episode is on average 28:49 long.

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Millennial Mommy | Internet Age & Parenting

We often worry about how our children are interacting with the internet but we may benefit in taking  a moment to see how the internet affects us as parents and our expectations for our home life. In this episode I'll share my thoughts and hopefully provide some food for thought on the subject. --- Support this podcast:...Read more

10:13 playtime · Published over 4 years ago · Permalink

#MeToo & Morgan Freeman | Hugo Torres

Today, I spoke with Hugo Torres, a fellow podcaster on Anchor. We discussed a range of topics but our main focus was the current climate of the #metoo movement, our perspectives, experiences and overall thoughts. It was a refreshing conversation that had me in my thoughts, for a while, afterwards. --- Support this podcast:...Read more

48:08 playtime · Published over 4 years ago · Permalink

Let's Get Social on Media | VR Hugs Suck w/ Narottama

In this podcast, I was joined by Narottama Panitz to discuss the wonder that is social media. We cover Snapchat, online dating, future of virtual reality and much more! Take a listen and let me know what you think! 😉 --- Support this podcast:

27:07 playtime · Published over 4 years ago · Permalink

Listen Then Silence Your Anxiety

Recently had a lot of anxiety, like I normally do when I’m trying something new. I found that the more ignored it, the louder the worry became but I found a way to silence the worry by listening to it first. --- Support this podcast:

08:44 playtime · Published over 4 years ago · Permalink

Millennial Mommy | Potty Training 💩

Potty training has been around for far longer than any of us and yet it still manages to get the best of us 😏😅 --- Support this podcast:

16:56 playtime · Published over 4 years ago · Permalink

Cognitive Dissonance | J. Cole, Jordan Peterson

What does all of this have to with each other? I guess you’ll have to listen and find out 🙃 --- Support this podcast:

17:23 playtime · Published over 4 years ago · Permalink

Unapologetically A Work In Progress

Welcome! This first episode is an attempt to set the tone of this podcast and why I started it. More specifically I cover why everyone is a work in progress and how to own it unapologetically. --- Support this podcast:

03:10 playtime · Published over 4 years ago · Permalink

My Work In Progress has 57 episodes in total of non- explicit content. Total playtime is 27:22:41. This podcast has been added on November 23rd 2022. It might contain more episodes than the ones shown here. It was last updated on February 2nd, 2023 06:08.

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