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by Heidi Vega

This podcast is all about embracing our innate desire for growth while understanding that it is a process and not a destination. 💜 Support this podcast:

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Keeping Your Bounce Back Game Strong In 2019

18m · Published 07 Mar 18:40
This episode is one I’m really passionate about and you will probably be able to tell. I am sharing the life-changing perspective I’ve adopted about the importance of having a strong bounce back game. Life is full of ups and down but we want to keep the downs from crushing our passions and determination so that the ups can be a progression forward. So in this episode I’ll briefly the importance of bouncing back, as well as what it truly means and the 3 most important parts to bouncing back. --- Support this podcast:

Practicing Self Care | Dr. Jessica Larson

56m · Published 28 Feb 15:56
Self care often falls by the wayside as we embark on new challenges and chapters in our lives. Yet, self care is often the resolution to keeping a balance and more importantly thriving regardless of hardships. Self care isn’t a quick fix and it takes practice but you’ll often find that self care is the key to unlocking a more creative, loving and open you. There is much more to self care than a simple mani-pedi too. Licensed psychologist, Jessica Larson joins me today to answer some questions about self care and to express the importance of finding a self care practice that is right for you. --- Support this podcast:

Self-Doubt & 5 Ways To Overcome It

24m · Published 15 Feb 15:56
Self-doubt can be stifling and lead us to a comfort zone that avoids challenges or risk. This episode is all about overcoming that self doubt and recognizing it for what it really is. --- Support this podcast:

How to Gain Confidence | Djayla Smith

33m · Published 31 Jan 17:58
Today’s episode is all about confidence and so it was only right that I invite, Djayla Smith, a branding coach, entrepreneur and model, to talk about how she cultivates confidence and how it has changed her life. We get into subjects like social media, bouncing back and self sufficiency. Djayla has so many interesting points of view that I hope encourage you to think and move differently to create a more confident you. --- Support this podcast:

The Art of Trusting Yourself | Self Improvement Series

23m · Published 24 Jan 14:25
I’ve talked a bit about trusting yourself throughout this series but now we are really going to focus on why you must trust yourself. I outline what it means to trust yourself and what it should not be mistaken for. This is the last episode of the series, and ties in together everything we have talked about this month. --- Support this podcast:

Self Awareness in Action | Self Improvement Series

28m · Published 17 Jan 14:37
Simply put; what’s the point of having self awareness if you can’t use it to your advantage. Knowing yourself, truly knowing yourself, provides the groundwork to make short term and long term goals that makes sense for you. You can’t deny who you are and think you can build trust and habits. So now that we have a better understanding of ourselves we should integrate that into our mindset and expectations of ourselves and the world around us. --- Support this podcast:

Getting To Know Yourself | Self Improvement Series

46m · Published 10 Jan 04:30
This episode hits home for several reasons. Getting to know myself is one of the biggest reasons I was able to lose 30lbs last year and leave a toxic relationship. It is a never ending journey that I have stopped fighting. I am always amazed at how something so simple has had such a big effect and I want to share some of that enthusiasm with you guys today. I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, just another human being who believes she is a work in progress and who has started loving and trusting herself, and it’s rooted in getting to know myself, the good, the bad and the ugly. --- Support this podcast:

Why Are You Seeking Validation | Self Improvement Series

23m · Published 03 Jan 13:20
This is the start to a series I am doing this month, the focus being on creating a more resilient mindset and learning to trust yourself. Validation seeking is much more prevalent, most likely due to social media but caring how others feel about you is natural. Yet, when what others think about you is ALL you focus on and care about, it can lead you to live an empty life that seems never enough. We have to find a balance and understand three key realities in order to strike that balance and that is what I will be outlining in this episode. --- Support this podcast:

Time Management For Busy Mamas | Marisa Lonic

23m · Published 28 Dec 01:19
In today’s episode we are joined by Marisa Lonic, creator of Mama Work It, a service that provides advice to mamas and women in general in need of time management. Marisa gives us some details about her personal journey as well as her perspective on the journey that many other entrepreneurs go through. Marisa is undoubtably owning her story and using her expertise to allow other women to reach their potential so you know I had to have her on the podcast. For more information and links visit --- Support this podcast:

Dating While Being A Mom | Michelle Thibeault | Millennial Mommy

34m · Published 27 Dec 15:14
Being a mom can be a real struggle, so add in being a single mom, and throw her into the dating world of today. That is the case for special guest, Michelle Thibeault. She is the creator of ‘Hot Mess Goes To Oz’, a blog about single mom life and travel. Her sense of adventure began with solo trips around the world and has now transformed to being a single mother of a one year old boy. In this episode, we will discuss the hurdles of dating while being a single mom. I wouldn’t consider myself a single mother because my ex-husband is very much still in the picture, yet I find myself struggling with the same issues as Michelle when newly entering the dating scene. --- Support this podcast:

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