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Life Kit: Health

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Taking care of yourself shouldn't be complicated. We talk to the experts for practical advice to live a long and healthy life, based on science. Subscribe to get episodes from Life Kit on health and wellness.

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How much protein do you need?

21m · Published 18 Mar 07:00
Our bodies need protein to maintain muscle. That's important because muscle mass peaks in our 30s and then declines. In this episode, tips about understanding how much protein you really need.
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Thoughts on Ozempic from a body-positive doctor

18m · Published 27 Feb 08:00
The popular weight loss drug Ozempic makes shedding pounds seem like magic. But the reality is more complicated, says family physician Dr. Mara Gordon. She explains why it's hard to talk about Ozempic without addressing weight stigma and diet culture.
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Here's how to take better naps

20m · Published 26 Feb 08:00
Naps can offer significant benefits, from emotional regulation to improving memory and athletic performance. But there are right and wrong ways to snooze. A sleep psychologist and a sleep physician explain the factors of the perfect nap and the importance of daytime rest.
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5 simple ways to minimize stress

17m · Published 06 Feb 08:00
Dr. Aditi Nerurkar offers five accessible ways to minimize stress in your daily life — no lavish vacations or big life changes necessary.

Improve your indoor air quality

15m · Published 30 Jan 08:00
Want fresher, cleaner air at home? Researchers share practical tips from researchers on how to clean your house (and your air), test your air quality and change your habits to limit indoor air pollution. This episode originally aired on May 9th, 2023.

How to have a healthy relationship with caffeine

23m · Published 25 Jan 08:00
Worry you're drinking too much coffee, tea, soda or energy drinks? A gastroenterologist and a caffeine researcher share surprising insights about the psychoactive drug — and explain why caffeine may not deserve its bad reputation. This episode originally aired on March 7, 2023.

Why being uncomfortable is important

18m · Published 22 Jan 08:00
The feeling of discomfort has an important role to play. On one hand, it can be a helpful warning sign. On the other hand, too much of it can lead to distress. Dr. Kali Cyrus explains how to identify these emotions – and take action if it starts to affect your physical and mental health.

Your body is changing. So should your fitness routine

21m · Published 16 Jan 08:00
Life happens. Sometimes we get injured or sick — and of course we get older. As we change, so should our exercise routine. Here's how to adapt your fitness plan to meet your body where it is.

Soothe your stress in minutes

21m · Published 15 Jan 08:00
Whether your stress manifests in your mind, body or behavior (or maybe all three) there are ways to find relief quickly. Clinical psychologist Jenny Taitz talks about some of the 75 evidence-based tips from her book Stress Resets: How to Soothe Your Body and Mind in Minutes.

Sleep myths, busted

17m · Published 09 Jan 08:00
There are a lot of misconceptions about sleep. Sleep scientist Rebecca Robbins and her colleagues looked into common myths about sleep to help everyone get a better night's sleep.

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