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Emily Chang’s Tech Briefing

by Audacy

Every weekday, Emily Chang discusses the biggest news from Silicon Valley and the intersection of tech and business with one of KCBS Radio's leading anchors. Her appearances are highly informative to listeners as she often breaks news and sets the agenda in her beat.

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Visa introduces changes that could eliminate the need for multiple cards

5m · Published 16 May 20:54

Visa is making some major changes to its credit and debit cards.

To hear more, KCBS Radio's Nikki Medoro spoke withBloomberg's Paige Smith.

Electric car companies have trouble selling EV's, leading to price cuts

4m · Published 08 May 22:35

A slowdown in electric vehicles is leading to automakers cutting their prices. And while the downturn is affecting all the companies in the industry, it's a particular threat to some of the startups.

For more, KCBS Radio's Holly Quan spoke with Bloomberg reporter Esha Dey.

Toyota bets big on electric vehicles despite a lull in sales

4m · Published 25 Apr 20:31

Time now for our daily Tech and Business Report. Today, KCBS Radio's Matt Bigler spoke with Bloomberg's Chester Dawson.

Toyota is planning to spend $1.4-bllion dollars to ramp up its electric vehicle production in the U-S. Chester, the company will be building a new SUV.

Tech expert predict what Apple plans to release for its next big event

4m · Published 23 Apr 20:40

Time now for our daily Tech and Business Report. Today, KCBS Radio's Nikki Medoro was joined by Bloomberg tech reporter Mark Gurman.

Apple has set the date for its next big event. 'Let Loose' will take place at 7am Pacific two weeks from today. So what is the company expected to introduce?

Tech workers are raving about a new social messaging app

4m · Published 18 Apr 20:23

Invitations for a hot new app are making the rounds in Silicon Valley. It's called Airchat and it's being described as a mash-up of voice notes and Twitter.

To tell us about Airchat, and why is it so popular, KCBS Radio's Pat Thurston spoke with Bloomberg's Priya Anand.

Apple rolls out an artificial intelligence chip in their Mac computers

5m · Published 11 Apr 20:07

Apple is giving its Mac computers an AI boost. The company plans to start using a new chip designed to highlight artificial intelligence.

For more KCBS Radio's Holly Quan spoke with Bloomberg tech reporter Mark Gurman.

From lack of charging to user error: What went wrong with Hertz' deal with Tesla

5m · Published 04 Apr 20:58

We're learning more about what led to Hertz' decision to reverse course on its adoption of electric vehicles. The car rental company had initially signed a deal with Tesla to provide 100-thousand ev's.

For more, KCBS Radio's Holly Quan spoke with Bloomberg's David Welch.

Building a Tesla car: Pit stop or assembly line?

5m · Published 28 Mar 20:39

Tesla said it has a plan to produce cars faster and for much cheaper, but it would require the automaker to ditch a 100-year old manufacturing process.

The company is moving toward what it calls an "unboxed" approach to manufacture a $25,000 car. If the EV maker is successful, Tesla said it can cut production costs in half.

For more, KCBS Radio's Holly Quan spoke with Bloomberg's Chester Dawson.

The hottest and priciest weight loss drugs only costs pennies to make

5m · Published 27 Mar 23:55

For something that is only used once a week, a new study finds that the popular weight-loss drug, Ozempic, could be manufactured for much less that what is being put out there.

Researchers say the weight-loss drug could be profitably produced for less than $5 dollars a month rather than the nearly $1,000 dollars Novo Nordisk charges the US.

For more, KCBS Radio's Nikki Medoro spoke with Bloomberg's Robert Langreth.

How major credit card swipe fee settlement could affect consumers and merchants

6m · Published 26 Mar 21:06

In what's being dubbed as the most significant antitrust settlements ever, Visa and Mastercard agreed to cap credit card swipe fees. The deal, which is subject to court approval, would save U.S. merchants at least $30 billion dollars over five years.

For more on this, KCBS Radio news anchor Holly Quan spoke to Bloomberg's Paige Smith in today's Tech and Business Report.

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