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How to... with Luke & Ben

by Audacy

Stories of success, failure and the desire to improve. Ben Aeby is a small business owner and an emerging Tik Tok influencer. Luke Andersen has done a little bit of everything in his bizarre career: Stop-Motion Animation, Stand-up Comedy, and Radio…driving tractors, hotel management and sales. This podcast is not only a look back but a way for Luke and Ben to learn new ways to improve in business, in life and as fathers.

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How To... Schedule Your Friends Out of Events & Make Bracelets

46m · Published 20 May 05:21

Ben reveals how his master scheduling strategy has stayed one step ahead of Luke. Also - How to help the Easter Bunny make Sunstone bracelets and the best way to avoid fire ant hills.

How to... Hunt for Mushrooms

40m · Published 07 Apr 22:40

Ready to talk about shrooms? Mushroom hunting, that is... Ben and Luke are ready to dive into their next adventure by searching the Pacific Northwest for the area's most fantastic fungus. They fill you in on how to prep and what are the best caps to capture.

How To... Make Money with Sunstones

46m · Published 06 Feb 23:58

It's a new year and a new show structure. Luke and Ben are venturing to the great outdoors to find out about sunstones. This geologic treasure is an ocular delight that fetches a pretty penny! Learn how to harvest these stones!

How to...Hate Christmas without being a jerk about it

47m · Published 21 Dec 19:32

It's the most wonderful time of the yea...NOT! Christmas is fun for some and frustrating for others. Luke and Ben provide advice on how to prevent YOUR negative feelings about the holidays seep into the minds of family and friends!

How To... Hunt

50m · Published 30 Nov 03:35

Have you ever caught your own food? You haven't? Well, this episode is for you! Ben has a great story about hauling in nearly 100 pounds of elk on a recent hunting trip. Luke has a prize about his front door. Everything you need to know before heading out on the hunt.

How To... Fall

1h 8m · Published 01 Oct 00:17

It's that time of year... No, not Christmas. FALL! Leaves are falling and Luke & Ben have advice on how to enjoy this autum.

Plus - Ben gives a detailed description of his tattoo anthology. SPOILER ALERT: There are no trap stamps...

How To...Piss off your corporate partners

1h 4m · Published 23 Aug 22:12

They pay the bills, but don't really "get" the amazing stuff you do each day. In this week's episode, Luke & Ben explore how to bite the corporate hand that feeds your aspirations and dreams. Plus - How to drop your kids off at kindergarten for the first time and fish the Russian River.

How to...Avoid Being Overwhelmed

46m · Published 28 Jul 18:37

Each day brings new challenges and responsibilities. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming! Luke & Ben look into some tried and true coping mechanisms that put everything in perspective, when your perspective might be out of balance. 

How to...Father's Day

1h 7m · Published 18 Jun 06:59

It's the one time of year dad's unite in their desire to watch/play golf, work in the yard, BBQ and act like they enjoy a gifted tie; IT'S FATHER'S DAY! Luke and Ben give you some tips on how to spend the holiday right.

How To... Remodel a Home

40m · Published 21 May 15:23

Luke is in the middle of remodeling his home and looks for some advice from Ben on how to work well with contractors and execute on your expectations of a dream home.

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