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Encore Audio/Video Podcast

by Audacy

Jeff and Clark, the system designers at Encore Audio/Video, keep you up to date on the latest audio, video and home automations technology, give practical tips on how the get the more out of you home entertainment equipment and share stories from some of their favorite projects.

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Today, in Home Automation

30m · Published 24 Feb 05:41

Home integration is a concept more and more people are being introduced to. Lights being synched with this and that. There have been a lot of advancements over the years. As this industry continues to grow, Clark and Jeff tell you why it's so important to work with the professionals at Encore Audio Video

We're talking everying NEW from Sony

32m · Published 06 Dec 21:48

They are one of the most iconic electronics brands on the planet! Sony is unleashing a slew of new technology that will take home entertainment to the next level. Jeff & Clark dive deep into some of these innovations, including phantom speakers and turning your TV into a canvas.

The Streaming Network

25m · Published 12 Sep 20:31

More and more of the content we consume each day is over streaming platforms. Sports, your favorite shows and kids' programming are all taking up bandwidth in your home. In this episode, Jeff and Clark describe how Encore can help your streaming network function to its fullest, and why it is the foundation of everything they do. Also - Why it's so important to have a strong network to keep your home entertainment system running smooth.

Making Your Audio Work For You

21m · Published 28 Jul 04:35

What do you think of hearing the term "Distributed Audio?" No sharing involved! It's defined as giving you audio options in every room of the house. It's about having full control in every room via an app. Jeff & Clark dig deeper into this essential audio concept.

Who you gonna call? SYSTEM DESIGNERS!

26m · Published 20 May 05:00

Why exactly should someone call a system designer? Well, if you're looking to fit your home theater with the highest quality sound and materials, look no further! Jeff and Clarke break down all the most important perks of hiring their expertise.

Building a Home Theater - Step-by-Step

32m · Published 07 Apr 22:00

Building your home theater system can be a big task. Which speakers do I choose for the space? What's the best projector? What about furniture? To leather, or not to leather? In this week's episode, Jeff and Clark give you a step-by-step guide to building a home theater system. Whether it's a DIY project, or the pros are at work, these are the steps to have the best home theater system possible.

The Ulikely History of Surround Sound

49m · Published 21 Jan 00:05

Jeff and Clarke are going back to the future and detail the history of SURROUND SOUND. The technology powering this important entertainment tool is propelling into the future with wi-fi and other improvements. But there are other things having surround sound does not solve... We dive in!!! 

The future is BRIGHT and LOUD

28m · Published 13 Dec 20:47

Jeff & Clark look into their audio/digital crystal ball to preview some future products and services Encore will be rolling out in 2023. Cheaper lighting with all the same value? Check! Voice control remove across all platforms? Check!

Lights, camera... and did we mention lights?

25m · Published 31 Oct 17:30

A home entertainment system is more than just audio and video. The right kind of lighting can extenuate all the best aspects of your home theater. Jeff & Clark break down the kind of lighting you need to improve your set up, including dimmable LED lights.

Immersive Home Theater Experience

40m · Published 30 Sep 22:43

Lights, Chairs and Placement! All aspects of a sneaky good home theater setup that you might not know about. In the latest episode, Jeff & Clark examine how altering a few aspects of your existing home theater can elevate the experience to a whole other dimesion!

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