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Tiki Barber moves from middays to afternoons, joining Evan Roberts in afternoon drive! Sparks will fly as unabashed Jets and Mets fan Evan talks turkey with ex-Giant and staunch Yankees supporter Tiki!

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Taking A Good Look At The Existence Of Francisco Lindor | 'Baseball Isn't Boring'

23m · Published 21 May 23:00

From 'Baseball Isn't Boring' (subscribe here): One of the biggest stories in all of baseball this week was the return of Francisco Lindor to Cleveland for the first time since he was dealt to the Mets. It seemed like a great time to dissect Lindor's existence, both since he joined New York and now as a 30-year-old who is trucking through an enormous 10-year contract extension. Rob Bradford sits down with Tim Britton of The Athletic, Red Sox manager Alex Cora, and Lindor's former Mets teammate Dominic Smith to paint a really clear picture as to how we should be viewing the man of the hour.

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Tuesday Full Show

2h 51m · Published 21 May 22:45

The Knicks off season now is ahead, Clay Holmes blows a save, Lindor takes a bow, and much more.

The real Knicks off season wish list

45m · Published 21 May 22:30

Hour 1: The realistic options to upgrade the Knicks

Did the Knicks jinx themselves?

51m · Published 21 May 22:29

Hour 2: Did many Knicks wearing all black ahead of Friday night backfire?

Clay Holmes finally blows a save

43m · Published 21 May 22:27

Hour 3: Did Clay Holmes new introduction backfire already?

Knicks fans interest in Pacers-Celtics

31m · Published 21 May 22:26

Hour 4: After elimination will Knicks fans be interested in Pacers-Celtics

Cinco De Five Oh

2m · Published 21 May 21:21

The 5 best athletes who were better in Cleveland than New York.

Lindor takes a bow

5m · Published 21 May 20:39

E and T Short: Should Lindor be laughing with road fans while he stinks?

Post it and Toasted

6m · Published 21 May 20:39

E and T Short: Our favorite weekly game is back

Evan and Lugauer argue over Mikal Bridges

4m · Published 21 May 19:15

E and T Short: Lugauer is back from vacation and ready to go to war over Mikal Bridges availability to the Knicks

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