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FULL SHOW: Reacting to Tigers Getting Swept By Royals

32m · Published 22 May 22:12

Mike and Rico go live following Tigers' postgame, reacting to yet another bad hitting performance. They hear some comments from manager A.J. Hinch and respond to them. Riger joins them in the second segment and Wojo in the third to wrap up their short show today.

Valenti: There's "Nothing I Hate More" Than Watching the Tigers

14m · Published 22 May 21:39

Mike and Rico come to you live for a short show following another lifeless offensive performance from the Tigers, who fell to the Royals 8-3 today.

FULL SHOW: More CFB Controversy, Trading Skubal or Cade, Ken Holland Talk, Verlander to Tigers?

2h 15m · Published 21 May 22:19

Mike and Rico kick off a packed show today with yet another NIL/college sports controversy, this time with current Georgia and former Arizona State quarterback Jaden Rashada filing lawsuit against Florida for a breached NIL deal. They break down that situation until the second hour, where they ask an interesting question: would you rather trade Tarik Skubal or Cade Cunningham from their respective teams? Then, they shift to asking another question: does Oilers GM Ken Holland's success bother you? The guys discuss this in detail before transitioning to their final topic of the day which is Justin Verlander's potential return to Detroit.

HOUR 4: Verlander To Tigers?

28m · Published 21 May 22:03

Mike and Rico start off the final hour of the show looking back at a topic during Riger's show last night where he asked the people if they'd be interested in a Justin Verlander return to the Tigers. Valenti pushes back on this idea and the guys respond if they agree or disagree with him. Then, Wojo joins them in the final segment to wrap up today's show.

Discussing The Potential Return Of A Tigers Legend

12m · Published 21 May 21:21

Rico and David bring up a topic from Riger's show last night where he asked the people if they'd entertain a return of Justin Verlander to the Tigers. Mike responds and explains why he's saying "not too fast".

HOUR 3: Cunningham vs. Skubal Continued, Do You Have Love For Ken Holland?

30m · Published 21 May 21:11

Mike and Rico start off the second half of the show continuing their conversation from the hour before on trading 2 major Detroit athletes. Then, they get into a discussion about current Oilers and former Red Wings GM Ken Holland, dishing on whether they wish him success or not. The hockey elite and Kenny chime in on this topic throughout the rest of the hour.

Does Ken Holland's Success Bother You?

11m · Published 21 May 20:43

With the Edmonton Oilers advancing to the Western Conference Finals, Mike, Rico, and Kenny examine the job former Red Wings GM Ken Holland has done in the same role with the Oilers, and discuss whether they wish him continued success or not.

HOUR 2: Addressing the Cade vs. Skubal Topic

36m · Published 21 May 20:05

Mike and Rico revisit a topic from Costa & Jansen earlier today where they asked a question: would you rather the Pistons trade Cade Cunningham or the Tigers trade Tarik Skubal? They answer the question amongst themselves before opening it up to the people with your calls and ticket texts. Then, Kenny joins for some interesting 2024 season predictions on a "College Football Blitz".

Predictions for 2024 Season | College Football Blitz

8m · Published 21 May 20:01

Kenny joins the guys with a list of predictions for the 2024 college football season from 247 sports.

Taking Your Calls on Skubal/Cunningham Question

7m · Published 21 May 19:54

The guys go straight to the phone lines in this segment, answering your calls on the Cunningham vs. Skubal question they posed earlier in the hour.

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