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More with Mia Amor

by Audacy

The More with Mia Amor Podcast is here as Mia Amor will not only be diving deep with diverse community leaders, including the she-roes in our community, but will also be talking about current hot topics including entertainment, celebrity news, and all things lifestyle. The goal is to get personal while leaving you inspired. Subscribe!

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MYKIE ANGELINE - Shares her story of success in the Sacramento music scenes to now hosting her on-air radio show

33m · Published 26 Oct 17:17

Myki Angeline Mother 🇵🇭 Filipina 🌿 Vegan Queer 🏳️‍🌈 Advocate 👊🏽 Kajukenbo &

98 Rock🎙Saturdays 10a-3p PST

The short version? I am a queer, vegan Filipina mom who loves our Sacramento music scene, martial arts, my daughter and giving big hugs! Besides having a kid, my bucket list completions include performing onstage as a singer for the cover band Repeat Offender, the drummer for Bitchkraft, and guitarist for The White Suits. Also – swimming with sharks (if you count standing knee high in the ocean and having a baby black tip shark swimming in between your legs). What can I say, I shoot for the stars!

I am an MXL Microphones artist who has worked in the music industry since 2011 in every way possible. From music journalist and podcaster, to judging contests and speaking on panels, I live to discover new music and creators. But what really swells my heart is volunteering with youth programs.

I have lived in Northern California my entire life. I grew up in Fairfield, spent some time in Vacaville before making the move to Sacramento in 1999 - and I never left!  I discovered our amazing music scene in 2007 and found myself attending a handful of local music shows every month. In the fall of 2011 my career in radio began at V103 Rock, an underground internet rock station. By January 2012 I attended my first NAMM Show in Anaheim, California and felt like a kid in a candy store!

I hosted Afternoon Indie on V103 Rock for 2 ½ years before moving on to host audio and video interviews at concerts and festivals like Concerts in the Park and the Aftershock Festival. My love and support for our Sac music scene extended to booking entire line ups at various local venues like the Boardwalk, Club Retro, the former Marilyn’s on K, Faces Night Club along with speaking on music panels and judging battle of the bands contests.

I built lasting relationships in this industry and by 2015 joined the Women’s International Music Network as the Red Carpet Host for their annual She Rocks Awards. A year later I was promoted to media content manager and continue to attend the NAMM Show every January; it is the ultimate music family reunion. In that same year I created my first podcast the Mana Show and by 2016 earned my endorsement with MXL Microphones as a podcaster and music media journalist. My experience opened the door to speaking gigs, and I became a regular guest speaker for the Journalism classes at San Francisco State University. I am honored to have my interviewing tips included in the 2018 Journalism textbook Writing & Reporting The News For The 21st Century.

 I am a bit of an overachiever who will try anything once. My career in entertainment spans from radio and television, to movies. Last year I created my 2nd podcast The Bad Filipino. I truly enjoy working with young people by volunteering for non-profit organizations like the Stairway To Stardom program, and Girls Rock Sacramento Music Camp ( teaching self-defense). Over the past 10 years I have interviewed some of the largest, influential, pioneers in the music industry which led me to my new career with Audacy! I love working at 98 Rock. I started out as a Board Operator and within six months became an on-air personality on Saturdays, recorded my first commercial, and joined the DEI Task Force. Working for Audacy is a dream come true for me, and am so excited for things to come!

Michael and Marie Blanco from "VH1 Cartel Crew" show re-union w/ Mia

16m · Published 08 Sep 18:28

More with Mia Amor & Michael and Marie Blanco from "VH1 Cartel Crew"

Mia Amor catches up with Michael & Marie Blanco from the hit show "VH1 Cartel Crew" Michael is the son of the very well known "cocaine godmother Griselda Blanco" the show is on season 3 and we get to see all that Michael and friends have accomplished although having a past in cartels.

Michael Corleone Blanco: is no stranger to losing people. He's lost most of his family to cartel violence and his mother's fortune to the federal government. But now, he's done losing. Michael is ready to wed Marie Ramirez De Arellano, and he's growing cannabis company Pure Blanco with Mike "Majix" Yuen. All is going well until Majix suggests Michael ask Marie for a prenup before they tie the knot. If Michael's mother were alive, Majix reminds him, she would never let him get married without one.

Marie Ramirez De Arellano: was born into the cartel life. Her father kept his business private, but the family knew he was involved in something nefarious. After many years of being in and out of prison, he was able to leave that life behind -- but he's chosen to leave Marie behind as well now that she's decided to spend her life with Michael Corleone Blanco. With her relationship with her blood family irreparably damaged, the little family she's built with Michael may be all she has left. Will his prenup request ruin their fairytale ending?

MIKE EPPS is back on tour and coming to Sacramento

8m · Published 08 Sep 18:27

More with Mia Amor & Mike Epps


Actor and comedian, Mike Epps, is set to bring the laughs to Sacramento once again with the IN REAL LIFE COMEDY TOUR. Performing two shows at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium on September 25 at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m., Epps with special guest host, Sommore, will deliver non-stop laughs along with some of comedy’s most talented and sought-after entertainers, including Earthquake and Kountry Wayne. Tickets are on sale now exclusively through The all-star lineup will be sure to bring down the house with non-stop laughter for an unforgettable night of comedy!

T PAIN checks in with Mia Amor

15m · Published 08 Sep 18:25

Mia Amor catches up with T-PAIN and talk his New Single “I Like Dat” ft Kehlani is blowing up on KSFM and nationwide, His new drink book and Mia reflects on the first time meeting T-PAIN in Vegas. Watch the full interview below.


UFC Fighter Max "Pain" Griffin

12m · Published 08 Sep 18:22

Sacramento's very own Max Griffin is checking in with Mia Amor on his latest win and MORE!

Griffin currently competes in the Welterweight division for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 

 IG: Max Griffin (@maxpaingriffin) 

Max Pain Griffin was made for this moment.

He started studying martial arts when he was 4 years old, carved a path of destruction across the western United States and came to the UFC in 2016 to begin his assault on the best fighters in the world.

Griffin signed a new five-fight contract with the UFC after defeating Zelim Imadaev by majority decision at UFC 236 on April 13, 2019.

What’s next for the man whose middle name is Pain?

“Next is world domination,” Griffin said. “I’m going to take over the UFC. I’m going to take over sports. I’m going to take over the MMA empire.”

Griffin, fighting out of his hometown of Sacramento, Calif., trains under the tutelage of former world kickboxing champion Dave Marinoble at Marinoble’s Martial Arts in Roseville. Griffin has black belts in Bok Fu and Marinoble’s MMA fighting system.

Griffin went 12-2 with six knockouts and two submissions in his first 14 fights, winning West Coast Fighting Championship welterweight and middleweight titles as well as the Tachi Palace Fight welterweight championship.

He appeared on The Ultimate Fighter in 2012, made his UFC debut against Colby Covington at UFC 202 and claimed his first UFC victory with a first-round knockout of Erick Montano on Nov. 5, 2016.

Griffin is a self-proclaimed foodie who loves travel and adventure. He spends free time with family and friends, believes in the power of positive energy and strives to be a role model in the community, visiting schools to speak to children about pursuing their dreams with confidence and determination.

Griffin maintains an intense training regimen to keep his mind and body prepared for the next challenge.

He’s focused. He’s fired up. And he’s ready for anyone in the welterweight division!

His prediction: “PAIN.”

Mia Amor & Ernesto de la Torre discuss the covid-19 vaccine and the benefits of getting vaccinated

11m · Published 27 Jul 20:54

More with Mia Amor & Ernesto de la Torre

Covid-19 Adult Ambassador Ernesto and Mia Amor discuss covid-19 vaccinations and the benefits of getting vaccinated PLUS answers all your questions and concerns. 

Ernesto De La Torre - works for Contra Costa Health Services and is also an Covid-19 Adult Ambassador. He is talking to Mia Amor about why it's important to get vaccinated especially now that the Delta Variant is spreading. He also answers questions and MORE.

Stay up to date on the latest covid-19 information

Mia Amor & Ben Tate from Sovereign Brands fill you in on all the details of this family owned wine & spirits company

13m · Published 27 Jul 20:50

More with Mia Amor & Ben Tate from Sovereign Brands

This taste test interview with Ben Tate of Sovereign Brands will fill you in on all the details of this family owned wine & spirits company, with four generations of history in the industry.

Sovereign Brands is a true family wine & spirits company, with four generations of history in the industry. Since 1999, Sovereign Brands has pursued its goal of becoming the wine & spirits industry’s most innovative creator of unique, forward-thinking new brands. Through partnerships with high-quality, family-owned wineries and distilleries worldwide, we build each of our brands from the ground up to meet our standards of product quality and innovation.

Our global sales and marketing organization ensures each of our brands gets the support it needs to grow and thrive. Offices in New York, Chicago, London and Dublin support the efforts of our sales team, covering North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Today, Sovereign Brands products can be found in more than 100 countries. Sovereign Brands continues to grow as we introduce our brands into new markets around the world, and we are constantly at work developing exciting new products.

Please enjoy our products responsibly.

Comedian Lance Woods talks his new Special "Undeniable" and how he got his start in Church

17m · Published 08 Jul 20:05

More with Mia & Comedian & "Lance Woods"

"He's a local and national favorite comedian of yours and he's catching up with Mia Amor on his show at the Sacramento Punchline, Comedy Special and how he got his start in church doing comedy.

Check out the full interview and get a good laugh in. 

More on Lance Woods: 

Lance Woods is one of the hottest, most sought after young comedians working today! His high-energy style, unique storytelling ability and clever punchlines give him universal appeal. He has performed at some of the top venues across the country as well as for the U.S. Marine Corp troops in Japan and has also been featured on Hulu, Fox, ESPN, and NBC Sports. Lance Woods is truly a comic to watch!

“I have a dream and Lance Woods has a joke” -Dr. Martin Luther King

Venetia James catches up with Mia Amor on the Black Bridgerton Brunch

14m · Published 23 Jun 21:26

Hundreds Unit host "Black Bridgerton Brunch" at Golden 1 Center and honoring 12 local black women making a difference in our community.

Venetia James catches up with Mia Amor on the Black Bridgerton Brunch and the inspiration behind this amazing event. Get the full details on the event below.

There isn’t another event like THIS🔥
Join Hundreds Unit for a Juneteenth celebration of black culture & local black Extraordinary women of Sacramento.

More about Hundreds Unit: 

The Hundreds Unit is a diverse network of hundreds of women who work out collectively for 6-8 weeks, to perform at professional events. What makes the women of Hundreds Unit unique is that they consist of ALL shapes, sizes, ages, and levels of ability, dancing as one UNIT in their own unique way! The events that are secured, are venues that are exciting and draw hundreds and thousands of people. The idea behind this is that in addition to our participants being drawn to the opportunity to perform on such platforms, it also inspires them to commit to the entirety of our 6-8 week dance and fitness program, through a massive accountability group, performing in numbers of 50 to well over 100 women.

This process exposes the women of the Unit to different workout regimens, it encourages them to strive to accomplish their health and wellness goals regardless of how they presently may feel about themselves, and provides networking opportunities within the Unit, as the group encompasses women from different backgrounds and careers.

Essentially this program is designed to nurture the mind, body, and soul, long term, through empowerment provided through our Units.

Hundreds Unit is changing the lives of these women, by providing them with extraordinary experiences and opportunities that they would otherwise only dream of having.

Womens Dance Group | Sacramento, CA | Hundreds Unit ( 

"SUGA-T" Celebrating 36 years & 20 Albums" and has no plans to stop

39m · Published 23 Jun 20:54

Multi-Platinum Gold Entertainment Pioneer Influencer, Keynote, Author, Brand Ambassador, Personality, Producer, Transformation & Life Skills Expert, Wellness & Vision Coach, CEO, MA, BA...catches up with Mia Amor.

She's been in the game for over 30 years and has grown her empire immensely. You might remember SUGA T as part of The Click. The first rap trap family of the Bay Area that trail blazed for the independent record label model today. Mia Amor had a chance to catch up with Suga T on all things women empowerment, her many businesses, how she manages to do it all and MORE.

The Legendary Suga-T is originally from Vallejo, CA. She helped find and expand her successful family record label “Sick Wid It Records,” serving as an executive along with being developed as an artist. Over the past thirty years she has stayed in her own lane, although she was originally branded with (brothers E-40 & D Shot and their cousin B-Legit) nationally known as “The Click.” The Click is the first rap trap family of the Bay Area that trail blazed for the independent record label model today. She is a powerful relevant force originally showcasing her catchy phrases; writing numerous hooks of song and rap which have become urban anthem multi-platinum and gold hits such as Hurricane, One Love, Sprinkle Me and Ooh, Ooh, Ooh. Initially, the group released street anthems such as Captain Save Em,’ Dusted & Disgusted, Lace Me Up, Family, Wolf Tickets, Scandalous and many more. However, Suga-T has always represented a form of consciousness releasing a song titled, Billy Bad, singing on the hit song One Love, both and many more in which were social conscious messaging (addressing black on black crime, female empowerment and economic empowerment). Her presence has been well received from the streets helping establish a loyal fan base, while representing a healthy balance that was necessary for the communities to help prevent violence, while building hope.

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