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Philly Is Phunny

by Audacy

Bennett and Laura Boss host Philly Is Phunny -- a comedy podcast featuring an interview with a nationally touring or local Philadelphia comedian. The crew dives into comedy, current events, and of course random nonsense. Complete with the Philly Phive & What's Bothering Battle!​

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Ep. 10: Shanell Renee

18m · Published 02 Mar 16:18

Shanell Renee was named "Best Female Comic of the Year" in 2018 by the Philadelphia Hip Hop Awards. She is a clean comic that has toured with The Roots and will be at Punch Line Philly tonight (Wednesday 2/19) for their monthly showcase called "Really Funny Comedians (Who Happen to Be Women)".  

Shanell talks with Bennett & Laura Boss about getting started in comedy, Boyz II Men's new wine and her go-to karaoke song (with an impromptu performance).

Ep. 9: Paul Mecurio

22m · Published 02 Mar 16:17

Paul Mecurio is an Emmy-winning writer and stand up comedian that just so happened to sell his first joke to Jay Leno for $50. He currently works on "Late Night with Stephen Colbert" and you can see him at Punch Line Philly this weekend February 14-16, 2020. Paul talks with Bennett & Laura Boss about getting started in standup, his double life... and his 93-year-old mom, mostly.

Ep. 8: Michael Yo

17m · Published 02 Mar 16:16

National Comedian Michael Yo joins Bennett & Laura Boss to talk about his shows at Punch Line Philly this weekend, getting started in radio, and well, honestly they talk a lot about The Bachelor. 

Michael Yo is a comedian/actor/host and 2-time Emmy nominee that started in radio and that continues to be his passion. He hosts "The Michael Yo Show" and has covered celebrity news and gossip on “The Insider,” “Extra,” “E! News,” as well as guest co-hosting CBS’ “The Talk.” He recently released a stand up comedy special "Blasian". You can see him February 7 and 8th at Punch Line Philly!

Ep. 7: Oscar Collazos

22m · Published 02 Mar 16:16

Oscar Collazos is pretty much the Colombian George Clooney. Bennett, Laura Boss & videographer Justin chat with him about the craziest pop culture news of the week and his upcoming show "Hilarious Colombian Americans" at Punch Line Philly.

Ep. 6: Amir K

21m · Published 02 Mar 16:15

National comedian Amir K discusses movies, Eminem and a lot of other fun things with Bennett & Laura Boss. Plus he's headlining at Punch Line Philly!

Ep. 5: Michael Kelly

19m · Published 02 Mar 16:14

Local comedian and writer Michael Kelly discusses the craziest pop culture news of the week with Bennett & Laura Boss. Michael and Bennett hate "A Star Is Born" btw.

Ep. 4: Katonya Mosley

24m · Published 02 Mar 16:13

Philadelphia comedian Katonya Mosley chats with Bennett and Laura Boss about her show at Punchline Philly, getting started in comedy, and why white girls love murder.

Ep. 3: Boooo Candy Corn

21m · Published 02 Mar 16:12

Bennett and Laura Boss go down multiple rabbit holes in this episode that covers 90s TV shows, eggplant emojis, and the top/most obscure pop culture topics of the week. Plus! A new segment we like to call "What's Bothering Battle?"

Ep. 2: Josh Wolf Part II

34m · Published 02 Mar 16:12

Josh Wolf and Laura Boss continue Bennett's intervention. Oh, and Bennett got hit by a car today (lol he's fine though). [NSFW]

Ep. 1: Josh Wolf

30m · Published 02 Mar 16:11

National comedian Josh Wolf talks with Bennett and Laura Boss about being back in Philly at Punch Line in Fishtown, the state of stand-up comedy in 2019, how he got started in the business, and how Bennett needs to pull his weight around the house. [NSFW]

Philly Is Phunny has 13 episodes in total of non- explicit content. Total playtime is 5:06:15. The language of the podcast is English. This podcast has been added on November 22nd 2022. It might contain more episodes than the ones shown here. It was last updated on January 4th, 2023 18:14.

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