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Kevan Kenney Dot Radio Podcast

by Audacy

Kevan Kenney interviews guests; Also breaks down current pop culture events. We ask audience questions and use callers from the weeknight radio show.

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New West with Kevan Kenney

16m · Published 10 May 14:41

After a whirlwind week of late-night show stops and their first-ever U.S. gigs, Toronto artist collectiveNew Weststopped by the KROQ studios in Los Angeles to chat with Audacy hostKevan Kenneyall about their crazy week of firsts, their major hit “Those Eyes,” and more.

“We don’t use the B word," the collective comprised ofKala Wita,Vella,Ben Key, and Noel West said, referring to the word "band."

“It’s more a collective than a band, just in the way it came to be," Noel continued. “It wasn’t like jamming in a garage — here’s a bass player, here’s a drummer, here’s a singer, here’s a guitar player — okay now we’re a band. Everyone has their own kind of artistry to themselves. There’s more vaguely defined roles, for lack of a better term. But in the studio, if anyone has an idea we’ll just kind of record it, put down parts freely. It’s not so astringently a traditional band in a sense.”

Constantly switching instruments on stage, and dividing up who’s doing what when it comes to sound; New West is anything but traditional.

“There’s no balance; it's a constant flux of chaos,” Kala said about their creative process, and that includes “a lot of voice notes” and “arguments.” However, when it came to “Those Eyes,” he noted, “that was an anomaly honestly, and I was like the first thing that we ever did which is crazy to think about. That one just fell onto us in a sense. We locked ourselves in a cabin in the wilderness of Canada, and that was like the first thing that came out.”

Listen above to hear more from New West about their constant search for inspiration, whether that comes while “on the toilet,” or through “a change of scenery,” as well as their thoughts about what they think of their music being referred to as “nostalgic.”

Words by Maia Kedem Interview by Kevan Kenney

Tom Odell in the KROQ Sound Space

10m · Published 10 May 14:37

Award-winning British singer and songwriterTom Odelllinked up with Audacy hostKevan Kenneythis week, joined by some lucky fans in the KROQ Sound Space in Los Angeles, to perform and talk through some of the emotional weight that comes along with his incredible music.

WhileOdellreleased his fifth studio album back in October of last year, featuring the title track"Best Day of My Life,""Sad Anymore,""Flying,"and"Smiling All the Way Back Home,"as singles, his now timeless hit "Another Love" has seen a resurgence on social media over the last couple of years.

"I guess because it's such a large part of what outwardly defines me, it's difficult to summarize, but I think it's a good song," Tom says humbly. "People have connected with it over the years in varying degrees of intensity... as a songwriter, you get a few moments where you just manage to say it clearly and simply, and that was one of those moments with that song. I think I was feeling pretty sad and I managed to get it in a song, and I'm fortunate that people connected with it."

The song's recent resurgence on TikTok certainly helped strengthen that connection, landing the sorrowful single into the 1 billion streams category, which as it turns out is another tough concept for Tom to grasp. "Over a certain amount... It's difficult to imagine that amount of people," he admits.

"It's been a journey," Tom says. "I guess I've got this weird thing where I look back -- I'm 32 now -- and I look back on my 20s and I've got all these songs that document my adult life and my teenage years... I've got all these little souvenirs from different parts of my life, I guess like photographs or something. I think the job I've always felt I have to do is just to be as authentic as I can in that moment and however I'm feeling. And it is quite difficult to be honest."

One exercise that stuck with Odell was writerErnest Hemingway's idea in A Moveable Feast to attempt to write one true sentence a day. "I've tried it for years, it's really quite difficult to say something true," he says. "What is truth? It's interesting... But I love songs, and that's how I got into it as a songwriter; I was obsessed with songwriting since I can really remember. I think songs are such an amazingly potent and powerful form of art because they're accessible by so many people and they transcend language and countries. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have traveled so far and wide with my songs and music."

Be sure to check out the full conversation with Tom Odell above, and stay tuned for more from your favorite stars and artists right here on Audacy.

Words by Joe Cingrana Interview by Kevan Kenney

beabadoobee on her single "See You Soon" and forthcoming album 'Beatopia'

6m · Published 17 May 19:17

beabadoobee stopped by the KROQ studios between Coachella weekends to chat with KROQ's Kevan Kenney about her current single "See You Soon" off the forthcoming album Beatopia, due out July 15th.

The Maine discuss how their song "Loved You A Little" came to be

13m · Published 13 May 03:03

The Maine stopped by the KROQ Studios to talk with Kevan Kenney about how their song "Loved You A Little" - featuring Taking Back Sunday and Charlotte Sands - came to be.

Surfaces on how they met and their new song "I Can't Help But Feel"

4m · Published 28 Apr 05:05

Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki from Surfaces stopped by the KROQ studios to chat with host Kevan Kenney about meeting on Soundcloud and how their new song "I Can't Help But Feel" came to be.

Nova Twins on touring with Prophets Of Rage, forthcoming album 'Supernova' + more

8m · Published 14 Apr 05:06

English rock duo Nova Twins made their US radio debut when they stopped by the KROQ Studios to chat with Kevan Kenney about touring with Prophets Of Rage, how their song "Cleopatra' came to be, and more! Nova Twins' new album Supernova drops June 17th.

Meet Me At The Altar talk new music & upcoming tour dates with Green Day and Weezer

10m · Published 12 Apr 19:41

Meet Me At The Altar stopped by the KROQ Studios to chat with host Kevan Kenney about new music, their upcoming UK tour dates with Green Day and Weezer, and more!

408 discuss their pop-punk influences and new "Mark Hoppus" video

8m · Published 08 Apr 05:09

The guys from Florida pop-punk band 408 stopped by the KROQ Studios to chat with Kevan Kenney about their pop-punk influences and new video for their single "Mark Hoppus."

Jed The Fish dishes some KROQ history

17m · Published 02 Apr 21:58

Legendary KROQ DJ Jed The Fish joins Kevan Kenney to kick off the KROQ Of The 90s Weekend.

Spin Number One: Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers

4m · Published 01 Apr 15:09

Kevan chats with Scarlett McKahey from Australian band Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers about their song "AHHHH!"

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