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Grant and Danny

by Audacy

Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 the Fan.

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Wood Hitting Lefties | 'Bustin' Loose Baseball'

6m · Published 21 May 23:00

From 'Bustin' Loose Baseball' (subscribe here): It wasn't long ago that the word from around the Nats organization was that Top Prospect James Wood needed more work against left handed pitching. Well over the last couple of weeks, the Nationals prized prospect has been getting at-bats against lefties, and he's been holding up very well. Grant Paulsen and Darris Damerson give an update on the latest with James Wood and Dylan Crews recent performances.

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Jacob Young On His Recent Hot Stretch, Nats-Twins Preview

14m · Published 21 May 22:30

1:00- Jacob Young joins G&D to discuss his recent hot stretch as he rides a 5 game hit streak. Then, we get to our Nats-Twins preview.

Full Show- Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

2h 41m · Published 21 May 22:06

Which 1st Year HC Will Win The Most?, Tom Brady's #1 Trait He Looks For In QB's

36m · Published 21 May 21:57

5.21.24 Hour 4

1:00- As there's a TON of firstyear head coaches in the NFL, whichone will have success the fastest and win the most games?
18:50- Tom Brady spoke to a bunchof rookie QBsthis past week, and he disclosed the #1 trait he looks for in young signal callers.

Beltway Blitz, Is This Funny?, Eric Flack On A Potential New Commanders Stadium

38m · Published 21 May 21:39

5.21.24 Hour 3

1:00- Nats- Charlie Slowes, NFL-Mike Jones, Commanders- Earl Forcey
18:50- Grant cannot believe that Darris & Ryan believe this play-by-play clip was funny, do you think it is?
31:15- Eric Flack joins G&D to discuss the latest on a Commanders stadium, and where it could end up.

Eric Flack On The Potential Of The Commanders Returning To RFK Stadium

7m · Published 21 May 21:13

Eric Flack joins G&D to discuss the likelihood of DC being able to afford a new Commanders Stadium at the RFK site.

Charlie Slowes Previews Nats-Twins Game 2 After An Offensive Explosion In Game 1

6m · Published 21 May 20:54

Play-by-play voice for the Nats on the Fan Charlie Slowes joins G&D to preview game 2 of the Twins-Nats series.

G&D Overrated Or Underrated, QB Competition Odds, Double Play

44m · Published 21 May 20:04

5.21.24 Hour 2

1:00- We debut a new segment with our guys G&D, and they decide what's overrated and underrated from sports topics to food.
22:50- It's that time of the year where QB competition odds are out, what are the odds on some of the rookie QB's?
34:25- What's going on in our lives that has nothing to do with sports?

QB Competition Odds Are Out; How Many Rookie QB's Could Start?

10m · Published 21 May 19:48

DraftKings released odds on the QB competitions across the NFL, how many rookies will start week 1?

Overrated Or Underrated: From Sports To Life Topics

19m · Published 21 May 19:29

We debut a new segment today where we state overrated and underrated portions of sports, life, etc...

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