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In a Minute with Evan Lovett

by Audacy

From the creator of social media mainstay L.A. In a Minute, Evan Lovett invites you along for a personal and intimate ride as he shares interesting facts about all sorts of things you didn’t know you needed to know. Be entertained and informed as Evan brings you into his mind to see the world through his lens. There is history everywhere, as long as you know where to look. Let's get into it!

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The End of an Era in L.A.’s Backyard

23m · Published 17 May 13:00

A major announcement came out of L.A.’s backyard this week: the resort that ushered in the Modern Era of Las Vegas will be shutting its doors forever.

The impact that the Mirage had on Las Vegas was like no hotel since the Flamingo opened in 1946 and kicked off The Strip, and it literally changed Vegas as a town, a community, and is single-handedly responsible for turning into a world-class metropolis. Here’s the story of the impact of the Mirage on the city that 4.8 million people from Los Angeles visit each year.

Behind the Scenes. . .and My Love Story!!!

45m · Published 10 May 13:00

Ever wondered about life in the I AM Studios? And what actually goes into creating over 1,000 episodes of L.A. in a Minute and In a Minute w/ Evan Lovett? I take you behind the scenes for a day - and a week - in the life of documenting Los Angeles history & culture. From the drops for KNX to full episodes for social to recording in a closet (!), I am giving you the real day-to-day on creating my show. You know how they say if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life? Well, this is truly a labor of love.

Perhaps most importantly, stick around for the Love Story of my lifetime (34:00)

The 5 Most Important Streets in L.A.

45m · Published 03 May 13:00

These are the streets that MADE Los Angeles, the streets that have history and a story to tell - AND importance in our daily commute and lives.

  • 2:13 - Intro
  • 5:02 - “The Longest Stretch of Businesses in the World"
  • 9:57 - “The Most Beautiful Street in L.A.”
  • 15:19 - “The Main Artery”
  • 21:17 - “The Metropolitan Main Street”
  • 30:27 - “The Birthplace of Los Angeles”

Is this the Best FREE Thing to do in L.A.?!?!

36m · Published 26 Apr 13:00

Situated in the geographic center of L.A., Griffith Park is not just the largest urban park in the U.S., but the home of dozens of FREE and FUN activities with history to match. Take a day - actually take a week! - to explore Griffith Park and you’ll see why this is the best FREE Thing to do in L.A.

*The Story of Griffith J. Griffith (7:16)

*The Curse of Petranilla Feliz (10:31)

*Griffith Observatory (15:20)

*The L.A. Zoo (18:50)

*The Abandoned Zoo (24:00)

*Travel Town (27:30)

*The Greek Theatre (31:18)

How do YOU Feel about the Quality of Life in L.A.?

29m · Published 19 Apr 13:00

The Annual UCLA Quality of Life in Los Angeles Index just came out. . .and it’s the lowest score in the history of the study. This is on the heels of Mayor Bass’ “State of the City” address, which also raised some red flags. So I want to know how YOU feel about your Quality of Life in L.A.? Are you better off than you were last year? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of L.A. I want to hear from you!

How L.A. Made Grocery Shopping Cool

43m · Published 12 Apr 13:00

L.A. is the supermarket capital of the U.S., and markets like Erewhon & Trader Joe’s are called the “Hippest Hangouts in L.A.” So how did L.A.’s lineage of grocery stores lead to a world where Grocery Shopping is actually Cool?

  • 2:47 - date night at the grocery store
  • 10:00 - Ralphs
  • 12:56 - Smart + Final
  • 15:29 - Vons
  • 20:20 - Gelson’s
  • 24:39 - Trader Joe’s
  • 32:10 - 99 Ranch
  • 34:53 - Vallarta
  • 37:22 - Erewhon

Did you know there was a Hollywood BEFORE Hollywood?!?

28m · Published 05 Apr 13:00

(1:48) Before Hollywood, the first motion picture studios in L.A. set up shop in an area that’s no longer on any maps. . .a place that deserves recognition as one of the most important place in L.A. history.

Also, One Thing to Do in L.A. This Week is BACK!

(19:30)We’re going to a place that is home of more Movie Palaces than anywhere in the World, an area long-neglected that is in the midst of a renaissance, right there in DTLA.

One Fact you DON'T Know About EVERY L.A. Sports Team!

41m · Published 29 Mar 13:00

Whichever team is your #1 team in L.A., I break down One Fact that you DON’T Know About EVERY L.A. Sports Team.

Dodgers (2:02)

Angels (6:08)

Lakers (9:41)

Clippers (13:31)

Rams (20:11)

Chargers (24:32)

Kings (26:40)

LAFC (30:16)

Galaxy (32:40)

Angel City FC (34:52)

Sparks (36:41)

My California Road Trip: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

28m · Published 22 Mar 13:00

It’s Spring Break so it’s time for a Road Trip. I took the family up the 395 to explore some California history: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly. We start with Mammoth (3:38), which is a volcano. . .that gets 300 inches of snow per year! From there we stop by Schat’s Bakery (8:10), the most popular bakery in the WORLD. . .since 1903. And have you heard of Manzanar (9:00), the site of mass incarceration of 10,000 Japanese-Americans during WWII. You know I had to get the story. Lastly, we head to the Owens Lake (16:15), the epicenter of the California Water Wars.

30 Facts about 30 L.A. Neighborhoods, Part 2

48m · Published 15 Mar 13:00

Keeping it going from last weeks episode with 30 more hot facts about 30 different neighborhoods in L.A... Maybe you're neighborhood didn't make it last week, what about this week?!

In a Minute with Evan Lovett has 74 episodes in total of non- explicit content. Total playtime is 52:02:58. The language of the podcast is English. This podcast has been added on February 22nd 2023. It might contain more episodes than the ones shown here. It was last updated on May 17th, 2024 14:11.

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